Neo-Polymath & Technical Futurist Combine For Blueprints For The Open Metaverse


Neo-Polymath & Technical Futurist Combine For Blueprints For The Open Metaverse

Inevitability of an Open Metaverse

In the beginning, there was darkness. Soon after, however, there was light — and a lot of it. Now, though this is hardly an apt description of the Metaverse in its entirety, it’s how it’s looking as the frenetic pace at which things have accelerated since Mark Zuckerberg’s “Meta” proclamation a month or so back.

There will be the doubters, the naysayers, the skeptics who think that “there won’t be a Metaverse as we prefer the world of the real and tangible”, but technologists around the globe have other ideas.

And, let me tell you, most of these people are smarter than either you or I. They think themselves into the future, create the new paradigm in their own image for — let’s hope this is true at least — the benefit of mankind.

One of the key aspects of building something new is the development of tools and communities. This is the most important part of building anything, especially in technology.

Crucible, established in 2018, is a London startup founded by Ryan Gill and Toby Tremayne that has aligned to these goals and the “inevitability of an Open Metaverse.”

Building the future the right way will take focus, discipline and patience​

— Crucible

The startup’s vision is built on five phases:

• Portable (Sovereign) Digital Identity

Emergence SDK, an ever-present game style interface and Self Sovereign Identity Standards give back control of data to users and create a network of first-class, sovereign citizens of the new digital economy

• Interoperability

Convergent Worlds creates standards and development tools for portable avatars, interoperable content, modding, tokens & NFTs, content marketplaces and more, connecting the worlds of the Open Metaverse

• Feeds & Moderation

Universal Feeds gives everyone their own platform in a market network for publishing and commerce without bots, trolls and abusers

The ModNet provides accountability while retaining anonymity, promotes and rewards good behaviour, gives communities the tools to police themselves and lets the user control what they see

• World Building

Democratized, no-code tools for World Builders to thrive and make a living. From influencers to narrative designers to 3D Artists, all contribute to the Open Metaverse in their own way and retain equity in their work

…And the Endgame of the Open Metaverse, the new creative and economic renaissance, all worlds and applications connected, all user data under personal control — freedom to go anywhere, build anything and represent yourself.

A thriving, global direct to avatar economy worth trillions is the endgame.

It’s obvious Crucible wants to be head of the pack in an industry which, according to some sources, could be worth up to $8 trillion by 2024.

Ryan Gill is Crucible’s CEO and Co-Founder. A neo-polymath, with a decade’s worth of experience ranging across technology, business and impact at the bleeding edge, he is exceptionally knowledgeable about all facets of capital raising, of the blockchain technology space and crypto-economic design, which comes from being a part of designing and driving a nine-figure token sale in 2017.

Gill was formerly acting Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) for Peter H. Diamandis, the founder and executive chairman of companies like XPRIZE and Singularity University.

Prior to starting Crucible, Gill was in the Los Angeles VC and startup world, where he built companies with high-profile partners and made a living translating between founders and investors.

Constantly self-educating, Gill spans many fields and disciplines and applies them all to his role at Crucible, where he is responsible for driving vision and business strategy. He uses an alignment of relationships and technology to support and grow his team in high-impact ways, toward the vision of forging the Open Metaverse.

A technical futurist, hacker, coder writer, and troublemaker, Toby Tremayne is the other half of the Crucible founding team and the startup’s CTO. With over twenty years of experience in enterprise software and game development, he is a cross disciplinarian, big picture architect and solution designer who has worked on future-looking enterprise solutions for companies as diverse as Pricewaterhousecoopers and Disney.

Tremayne’s real passion, however, lies in the Metaverse, or the Spatial Web. From falling in love at age seven with Industrial Light & Magic’s philosophy of inventing technology to achieve their storytelling aims, to dabbling with early attempts at VR and virtual worlds, he is a hands-on technical futurist whose obsession is the bringing together of disparate technologies and disciplines to enable new ways of doing things in a manner that brings all people along for the ride.

He “drinks constantly from the firehose of the bleeding edge”, and through his CTO and development consultancy, he has worked to distil this knowledge and his industry experience to help companies develop advanced solutions using VR/AR/MR, Blockchain Technology and Artificial Intelligence.

With innovation, brains and a weird sense of how the future will shape out, Crucible and its founders are on the right trajectory for growth themselves in the new world of the Metaverse.

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