WiV Technology, Bringing The “Physical To Digital As NFTs” For The Wine Industry


WiV Technology, Bringing The “Physical To Digital As NFTs” For The Wine Industry

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Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) seemed to have popped up from nowhere. From being virtually unknown to the wider public, they’re now a byword for progress and, one has to say, have become the trumpet call for the arrival of the Metaverse, a three-dimensional world ready to explode into our own realities and change the world.

A blockchain-based startup knows this reality more than most. Founded in 2017 by Tommy Nordam Jensen and Håkon Harberg, WiV Technology’s asset technology has been designed for the wine industry, turning investable wines into high-yielding NFTs by facilitating provenance record-keeping, trading liquidity, geolocation, and market assurance.

WiV Technology

With offices in London, Oslo and Singapore, the startup’s Blockchain IP has created a novel solution to the logistical and authentication issues plaguing physical real-world assets. According to the company, by transforming cases and bottles of wine into NFTs, the team can establish a new provenance standard by making the asset’s history fully transparent, creating a digital clone of physical assets to trade without friction and producing a tokenized asset to interact with the DeFi ecosystem.

And, in the startup’s own words:

“At WiV we are creating something unique. We have begun by taking one of the oldest Sign Value assets, wine, and built real utility around it. Wine certainly has Sign Value in its circles, it also is equipped with a pretty solid amount of utility value, through its consumption. Our mission is to utilize wines’ Sign Value, digitize it, and equip wine with DeFi in order to unlock its exchange value. This will offer a truly unique approach to investing in and collecting an old world asset in the new world of NFTs and crypto. Digital NFT Wine is the ultimate investment because of its historical connotations combined with its dynamic value proposition. From WiV, Wine will find an important place on the value spectrum in the web3 era.”

Catering to wine producers, collectors and investors with the support of WiV’s wine DAO token — WIVA, the company is looking far ahead into a future where transparency is definitely king.

Tommy Nordam Jensen is the CEO and Co-Founder of WiV. A Serial entrepreneur in the tech space for the last two decades, he has been involved in mergers and acquisitions with Atea, Motorola, Tucows and Verisign.

Like his fellow co-founder Nordam Jenson, Håkon Harberg is a serial entrepreneur, investor and advisor in the tech startup field with several successful exits and international awards whose specialism is in NFT, DEFI, Fintech and Biotech. A crypto and blockchain enthusiast, WiV’s COO has represented several top-tier technologies in the Nordic countries, Northern Europe and further afield, with successful exits and international awards.

Helping the Scandinavian specialist fintech group provide an NFT blockchain platform insert its personality into the Metaverse and NFTs is a skilled and experienced set of advisors from various professional backgrounds such as investing, finance, entrepreneurialism, programming and, of course, winemaking.

WiV Technology’s logo

The WiV platform is doing away with bureaucratic paperwork and expensive transaction costs. And, I may add, bringing the world of fine wines into the realm of fine deep technology.

James Dargan

James Dargan

James Dargan is a writer and researcher at The Metaverse Insider. His focus is on the QC startup ecosystem and he writes articles on the space that have a tone accessible to the average reader.

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