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Lucid Reality Labs

“To contribute to the creation of a new reality, which will enhance the well-being of individuals worldwide.” That’s pretty much the Metaverse in a nutshell and the mission statement of Lucid Reality Labs, a Miami-based startup founded in 2016 by Alex Dzyuba that is a leading immersive technology consulting, design and development company. Its main goal — based on combining cutting-edge technology with unique crafted solutions — is to create unique interactive augmented, virtual and mixed reality experiences for healthcare, medtech, pharma, and education.

Named as the top-rated Augmented and Virtual Reality Company worldwide and a Top Global Service Provider of 2021 by, Lucid Reality Labs’ full-stack spatial technology solutions are from concept and design to development and post-production support for business and include AR and VR simulations, Web, e-commerce, social media, as well as AI-powered robotics and utilize ML, Smart Robotics, AI, and Computer Vision (algorithm technology) that enable robots to learn from humans and perform specific tasks accurately and are running hot on the heels of companies like Oculus VR and Matterport.

The startup believes its exciting IP will transform the way people think about “information, play, learn, collaborate, shop, socialize, and explore the world.” And it is doing this with Mixed Reality (MR) by developing MR solutions that merge the physical and digital worlds, its people, and virtual beings, revealing new opportunities for human, computer, and environment interactions.

Alex Dzyuba is the Founder and CEO of Lucid Reality Labs. A Forbes Technology Council member, Healthcare Committee Co-Chair at VR AR Association, Dzyuba has a wide range of professional experiences, ranging from investment consulting to a stint as an angel investor. With a MA in Leadership for Sustainability from Malmö University, he also completed an MBA in Strategy and Finance from the Hult International Business School.

The worlds of AR, VR and MR are moving forward quickly. Companies like Lucid Reality Labs and others are important for the future of the Metaverse. Not only for the way it is developing currently, but also because they will become beacons for those entrepreneurs who want to start companies that see the same future.

For now, though, Lucid Reality Labs’ focus is on VR technology in healthcare and other verticals, yet its immersive solutions can be adapted to other industries too.

With the Metaverse already here, Dzyuba and his team will be at the forefront of developments, you can be sure of that.

James Dargan

James Dargan

James Dargan is a writer and researcher at The Metaverse Insider. His focus is on the QC startup ecosystem and he writes articles on the space that have a tone accessible to the average reader.

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