Air Guitar Academy is the Future of Rhythm-Based PVP Games

Air Guitar Academy is a PVP rhythm NFT game that is looking to empower artists across the world through music-based gaming events, powered by the blockchain.

The first version of the game is looking to release sometime in 2022 with 8888 NFTs ready for minting. I spoke with the Air Guitar Academy crew about their game, and what the future holds for the project. 

You can find out more about the project here.

What is Air Guitar Academy?

We’re a community on a mission to empower artists, musicians and community leaders to deliver mind-melting experiences to their fans and NFT collection owners through music-based gaming events. We aim to do this through a blockchain-based game, with great art and music. 

The first game we are producing will be a PVP rhythm game where 2 players will attempt to play along to a song using their keyboard, an Air Guitar NFT with special powers and a profile picture NFT as their avatar.

What made you create your NFT game?

Our founder and tech lead Michael Deon, who has a background in developing blockchain-based games, came up with the idea. He put together a concept video and shared it with the Degen Ape Academy (you can actually see the first website here: The response was very positive so we decided to produce the game.

What inspired you/ influenced you to create Air Guitar Academy? Did popular guitar games like Guitar hero have an influence?

The inspiration to create the concept was to add utility to profile picture NFTs and give holders something fun to do with their NFT, with other NFT holders.

Guitar Hero, Rocksmith osu!, CloneHero and Beat Saber are all influences – however we’re incorporating PVP mechanics from the start on the gaming side, and of course, creating mechanisms for a P2E and music economy through the blockchain integration.

Your game is a PVP game. Can you tell us more about your game mechanics and how players interact with one another?

Players attempt to play along to a song using their keyboard (over time we will add more interfaces) – at the same time as an opponent. Players can interfere with their opponent’s ability to play along to the song using powers embedded in their Air Guitar such as heat, zaps, ice and luck.

Your game seems the perfect fit for VR. Have you thought about possible integrations with VR and AR technology?

Michael has built an NFT + AR game before, Augmentors. We’re definitely thinking about taking it to the AR/VR level once we have the initial game developed.

Can you tell us about your mint?

8888 Air Guitar NFTs are available for minting at 0.88 Sol each. Each Air Guitar has the possibility of having up to two powers (heat, ice, zap, luck) with up to 5 levels each.

The art was hand-drawn and designed by experienced musician, game artist and developer, Ben Rausch.

Holders will get exclusive access to our DAO chat on Discord and be able to play Air Guitar Academy games with their special powers.

We’re also looking at ways for holders to “rent out” their guitars to players.

What does the future hold for Air Guitar Academy? What should fans look forward to?

The first version of our game is under development for release in 2022.

How important do you think NFTs and the Metaverse will be for the games industry and the music industry in the future?

We think that NFTs will provide the infrastructure required to completely disrupt the ability to earn, hold and trade in-game items. The Metaverse will change the way that people interact online, form communities and game. So yea, pretty important!

Where can people find your game?

Right now we have a very simple single player prototype to simply showcase that we can develop games.

The tech team is busy working on a fully functional and robust version 1 of the PVP NFT game.

Jack Boreham

Jack Boreham

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