MetaLetters DAO: A New Initiative by Metaversal to Empower Creators

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MetaLetters DAO: A New Initiative by Metaversal to Empower Creators

Metaversal, the venture studio and investment firm, has announced that they will launch a new metaverse initiative named MetaLetters DAO. The project will help foster the next generation of NFT creators and make the Metaverse more inclusive. 

MetaLetters consists of artists creating virtual letters. The letters will auction for 1118 days.

Investing in Talent Through MetaLetters DAO

The built-in DAO will invest in creators and highlight talent in the industry, enabling makers to increase their audience base. Metaversal is the first company to open source brand under the creative commons licence.

Furthermore, the project has already picked ten finalists, with the winning letters decided on Metaversals Twitter account. Consequently, three winners will be selected on the 11th of February, getting exclusive NFTs, with the winner getting their letter auctioned at the MetaLetters DAO, with proceeds going to the creator and the projects treasury. The DAO is exclusive to creators and buyers.

In short, the DAO or the Decentralized Autonomous Organization is an interesting concept adopted by companies on the Blockchain. It effectively enables members of communities to govern a project in a decentralized, democratic way. 

One of the MetaLetter
Metaversal, has announced that they will launch MetaLetters DAO. Credit: MetaLetters

As a result,  being a member of the MetaLetter DAO will give you the power to decide what creators to invest in and how to promote a creator economy. Thus, allowing makers to give back to their communities and fellow creators. 

Likewise, in an exclusive with the Metaverse Insider, CEO and Co-Founder of Metaversal Yossi Hanson had this to say about how the MetaLetters DAO differs from others:

“MetaLetters DAO is the first DAO where artists and NFT buyers share governance, and where creators automatically have a seat at the table through a Creator Pass. It is reflective of Metaversal’s belief that the metaverse should be open, decentralized, and owned by the community”

Check out Metaversal’s Twitter account to vote on the finalists!

Jack Boreham

Jack Boreham

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