Making NFTs More Diverse and Inclusive With World of Women

World of Women is one of the most popular NFTs on the planet. It is a collection of 10,000 NFTs featuring diverse and powerful women. Originally launched in July 2021, the NFTs have grown exponentially in popularity, with the project recently signed by ex Madonna manager Guy Oseary. Currently, some of the NFTs are worth tens of thousands.

Over the last week, I enjoyed interviewing the WoW team about their project. We went over what World of Women is and how it promotes inclusion and diversity within the NFT industry in our brief chat. 

Celebrating Inclusion and Diversity with World of Women

World of Women is a community celebrating representation, inclusivity and equal opportunities for all. It is united by a first of its kind collection featuring 10,000 artworks of diverse and powerful women.

World of Women was born from a lack of representation in NFTs and the dominance of male collections. The lack of representation launched the project, collections felt very male-dominated, and there wasn’t any that resonated with their artists. This is when they felt that something was missing, and the idea of WoW emerged.

World of Women NFTs
WoW is promoting diversity and inclusion within the NFT industry: Credit Opensea

NFTs are the Future of Art

World of Women reinstated further that NFTs need to be more inclusive while explaining why they believe the WoW to be so popular—outlining an impressive list of initiatives launched by the project. They explained that the project is mission-driven and that their values resonate with their community, delivering on what they promise. Through initiatives like charitiesArtdropsWoW fund.

Going into detail further, WoW also explained that they believe that they can overcome the hurdles associated with diversity and inclusion in the NFT industry through these initiatives and education.

When asked whether they believe the future of art to be NFTs, WoW agreed, stating that they think the future of art will be NFTs

All in all, want to thank the team at WoW for taking the time to talk with us. Read this blog to learn what to expect from World of Women over the next year and how you can get involved with the project.


Jack Boreham

Jack Boreham

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