Reality Gaming Group is Making Blockchain Game Development, Marketplaces & NFT Drops a Reality for Brands

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Reality Gaming Group is Making Blockchain Game Development, Marketplaces & NFT Drops a Reality for Brands

Real Deal

Whether you think it’s the real deal or you’re more skeptical. Nobody can deny how important blockchain technology will be for the Metaverse. And one area where the blockchain will disrupt the Metaverse first will be in gaming — which is already worth approximately $170 billion (2020) as reported by some sources — particularly in NFT and blockchain-powered game development. A company exploiting this is Reality Gaming Group, a startup developing innovative games and marketplaces that combine the best of traditional gaming with new technology based on the blockchain.

Founded in 2017 by Morten Rongaard and Tony Pearce and headquartered in London, the award-winning developer and publisher of blockchain-based games is currently working on NFT-based trading card game Doctor Who: Worlds Apart and mobile AR shooter, Reality Clash, the world’s first mobile augmented reality (‘AR’) combat game. But that’s not the only thing Reality Gaming Group is up to. As it’s working to assist global brands to take advantage of the NFT movement. From boxing legend Floyd Mayweather to visionary kids brand Smighties.

Reality Gaming Group

Apart from the games, Reality Gaming Group supports developers and brands harnessing the power of the blockchain and non-fungible tokens. To drive user acquisition and open new revenue streams with digital collectibles by creating stunning NFTs and bespoke marketplaces for your brand. Where your fans freely trade your NFTs and export to the blockchain. As well as selling NFT artwork or videos to your audience.

Worried about security? Reality Gaming Group has that covered, too. With everything authenticated and verified on the blockchain. Protecting your IP from scams or fakes so you can track every trade, sale and owner forever.

What’s not to like?

CEO and Co-Founder of Reality Gaming Group is Morten Rongaard. Recognized as a pioneer in the fields of Augmented Reality, Blockchain, NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

A Danish entrepreneur. Rongaard is a regular speaker around the world on those topics and holds board and advisory positions. Across a number of companies in those sectors.

Ronsgaard possesses the rare skill of being able to combine creative thinking with financial acumen, having developed Reality Clash from concept to release, while being a key driver behind Reality Gaming Group’s hugely successful ICO fundraising activity.

Tony Pearce is a serial entrepreneur and has been involved in gaming, tech and mobile for over 25 years. Previously to co-founding Reality Gaming Group, Pearce launched GamesGRABR a social network for gamers. He was also CEO of Player X one of the largest mobile games distributors in Europe before being acquired.

He has raised over $20 million in VC funding to date, launched two (oversubscribed) crowdfunding campaigns and closed a successful ICO (Initial Coin Offering).

When it comes to external funding, Reality Gaming Group has raised a total of $2.5 million, according to Crunchbase data, giving the company that has been listed as a Top 50 blockchain games publisher by industry bible the financial means to build out its team and expand on its valuable IP.

James Dargan

James Dargan

James Dargan is a writer and researcher at The Metaverse Insider. His focus is on the QC startup ecosystem and he writes articles on the space that have a tone accessible to the average reader.

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