5 Intrepid Augmented Reality Companies: Part 4

Time goes by in a flash, so with that here’s part four in the series about exciting Augmented Reality (AR) companies powered by the Metaverse Insider. If you missed the first three in the series, click on the link here to the first one to get the ball rolling.

1. Vanguard X

Based in Lewes, Delaware, Vanguard X was founded in 2020 and is an agile digital transformation company that produces top-quality applications. It has delivered a wide variety of projects for companies of all sizes, from startups to enterprises to non-profits and specializes in Virtual and Augmented Reality, Web-Mobile Development, AI, Big Data Analytics, Digital Traceability, and Blockchain

2. The Famous Group

The Famous Group, a fan experience company, was founded in 1997 by Greg Harvey and others.

For more than 20 years, the company has created passionate fans for the biggest brands, venues and events in the world and focuses on Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality, Content, Creative and Production, Proprietary Fan Engagement Technology, Virtual Fans and Virtual Events, and Experiential Activations.

3. Vuforia, a PTC Technology

Boston, Massachusetts-based Vuforia is the AR Platform of PTC, Inc., bringing together market-leading Augmented Reality expertise with over 30 years of enterprise technology solutions to help companies unlock the value of AR in manufacturing, service, operations, and design.

The company includes four key offerings: Vuforia Expert Capture — quickly author AR content for frontline workers; Vuforia Engine — develop custom AR applications across platforms; Vuforia Studio — easily author and deploy scalable AR experiences, and the Vuforia Chalk — reduce service time and cost with mobile remote assistance

Since 2011, Vuforia, a PTC technology, has been adopted by a global ecosystem of more than 425,000 developers and partners. Vuforia has enabled more than 50,000 applications for consumer and business use on a range of handheld and head-worn devices.

4. DiSTI Corporation

The DiSTI Corporation, based in Orlando, Florida, was founded in 1994 and is a leading provider of graphical user interface software and customized 3-D virtual maintenance training solutions.

Its flagship product, GL Studio, delivers advanced high-performance 3-D user interfaces to the aerospace, automotive, medical, and training industries. Jaguar Land Rover, Boeing, and Lockheed choose GL Studio for its performance, fidelity, and reliability in interface development and deployment. Whether for avionics, instrument clusters, infotainment systems, medical devices, or flight simulators, GL Studio exceeds the developers’ interface demands.

DiSTI’s user interface technology also expands into 3-D virtual maintenance training. DiSTI’s VESDK (Virtual Environment Software Development Kit) is a patented process and toolset for managing the development of complex virtual environments for use in 3-D maintenance and task training applications. VESDK manages the entire development process including requirements analysis, content development, automated software builds, and automated regression testing.

5. zSpace

zSpace is the leading evidence-based augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR) platform providing innovative hands-on, experiential learning to improve achievement in science, math, and career and technical education credentialing.

A comprehensive solution consisting of Windows-based AR/VR laptops or desktop computers, software, standards-aligned content, and professional development, zSpace can be implemented in-school or in hybrid learning environments — anytime, anywhere, anyplace.

The latest edition of the zSpace Learning Station family is the all-new zSpace Inspire. This ultra-high-definition stereo display with 4K Pantone capabilities and a powerful CPU supports advanced professional applications, including eSports, modelling and simulation, and data visualization — without an HMD or glasses.

With headquarters in San Jose, California, zSpace was founded in 2007 as Infinite Z by Paul Kellenberger and has raised a total of $76.6 million in funding over four rounds.

James Dargan

James Dargan

James Dargan is a writer and researcher at The Metaverse Insider. His focus is on the QC startup ecosystem and he writes articles on the space that have a tone accessible to the average reader.

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