Partnership Announcement: MetaRing x 1st11

Venly, a blockchain technology provider creating tools and products to help companies benefit from blockchain technology, announced yesterday its partnership with 1st11, ‘the home of the challenge’, where Fun Comes 1st! through MetaRing.

1st11 is a gaming entertainment and technology company that makes it easy to discover, create and take part in challenges and fun experiences. Leveraging blockchain, NFTs, gaming and the emerging metaverse, 1st11 delivers scalable formats and IP that are fully interactive and immersive. 1st11 Creator Network features a growing list of authentic and credible gaming creators including international soccer star Arthur Melo (Juventus FC, Brazil).

1st11 Challenge App makes it easy for fans to discover, create and take part in fun challenges, quests and objectives alongside their favorite gaming creators and sports talent. The 1st11 Challenge App is available to download via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. By completing challenges and creating fun experiences for the 1st11 community you can earn exclusive NFTs, and digital products, and access incredible metaverse experiences.

Credit: Venly

MetaRing Owners will be able to join exclusive challenges within the 1st11 Challenge App. If you purchase a MetaRing and connect it to your 1st11 account you will gain priority access to play against or alongside 1st11 creators in a range of up-and-coming interactive formats. 1st11 will also create a dedicated channel with challenges specific to games and experiences that are part of the MetaRing project.

Venly has also confirmed a land purchase in The Sandbox to build our MetaRing Headquarters. The HQ will be the MetaRing owner’s clubhouse. It’s a place where we will organize exclusive events, virtual parties and experiences. 1st11 and Venly are teaming up to build the best sports bar in the entire metaverse! MetaRing owners and 1st11 challenge winners will be able to access the 1st11 sports bar and have fun taking part in mini-challenges whilst hanging out with leading sports and gaming talent from around the world.

“We are excited to team up with our friends and partners at 1st11 amongst MetaRing’s initial release. 1st11 are building what we believe will be one of the leading entertainment companies of the future that fully leverages blockchain, NFT’s, gaming and the emerging metaverse in creative, fun, open and inclusive ways” — Stefan Colins, Metaverse Partnerships Director at Venly.

“Blockchain and Web 3.0 has always been a core part of the 1st11 roadmap and vision. Venly are fantastic partners to enable us to continually strengthen and enhance the 1st11 product offering and user experience. Our team cannot wait to support MetaRing and deliver the most fun experiences in the metaverse together for MetaRing owners and the 1st11 community” Christopher Glancy, Chief Product Officer at 1st11

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About 1st11

1st11 is a gaming, technology and media company delivering a unique interactive experience bringing together creators, athletes and gamers. Powered by cutting-edge blockchain, mobile and influencer technology it has never been easier to discover, create and take part in fun challenges where fans can easily play alongside and against their heroes.

The 1st11 product and tech stack fully leverages blockchain, gaming, DeFi, NFTs and the emerging metaverse to surprise and delight fans in creative and fun ways. 1st11 is the ‘home of the challenge’, where Fun Comes 1st.

About Venly

Venly is a blockchain technology provider with over 1.5M end-users. It offers users of blockchain projects digital wallets to store assets with a native solution that also works on mobile devices.

Venly also recently launched the Venly Market as the first-ever peer-to-peer and blockchain agnostic NFT marketplace.

With Venly’s NFT-tools like unity integrations and a Shopify app, blockchain games, projects, and decentralized applications can tap into an entirely new revenue stream without having experience in blockchain engineering or a complex regulatory framework.


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James Dargan

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