5 Intrepid Augmented Reality Companies: Part 13

Unlucky for some, but not for the five companies featured, it’s part thirteen of the Augmented Reality (AR) series powered by the Metaverse Insider. For those interested, here’s a link to the first in this augmented reality companies series to get you started.

1. Heru

Heru is one of the augmented reality companies shaping Web3
Credit: Heru

A Miami, Florida-based spinoff from the University of Miami’s Bascom Palmer Eye Institute founded in 2018 by Mohamed Abou Shousha, Heru has developed patented autonomous AI-powered vision diagnostics and augmentation software for commercially available AR/VR devices.

This technology exceeds traditional standards of care in clinical equivalence, usability, cost, size, and portability. Heru is the only cross-platform solution that can autonomously diagnose vision defects and customize individual vision augmentation based on the user’s unique vision defects.

To date, Heru has raised a total of $32.7 million in funding over two rounds.

2. Xoia

Xoia is one of the Augmented reality companies shaping Web3
Credit: Xoia

Xoia is a startup dedicated to the design, development and maintenance of applications based on both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology, among others, applying them to all types of platforms, from smartphones to HTC Vive or hololens, in sectors such as industry, science and education, culture and tourism, creating integral solutions, innovative and of great added value, adapted to the needs of the client.

One example of this is in applying Augmented Reality to the musealization and gamification of archaeological places, monuments and cites, as well as the development of extended reality experiences for museums, the implementation of interactive educational applications, virtual reality training projects or operator support in augmented reality for industry 4.0.

With headquarters in Coruña, Spain, Xoia was founded in 2016 by Xoel Vazquez and Iago Suárez

3. Emerge

Credit: Emerge

Emerge is a Los Angeles, California-based startup founded by Sly Lee, Isaac Castro García and Mauricio Teran — former entrepreneurs and executives awarded by MIT, WEF, and Forbes — that has brought consumer electronics and XR products to market. Its first product will allow people to feel, interact, and share virtual content with their bare hands.

So far, Emerge has raised a total of $31.4 million in funding over six rounds since it was set up in 2015.

4. Allure Systems

Credit: Allure Systems

Allure Systems combines proprietary hardware with advanced virtualization techniques and image processing technology to create stunning on-figure garment images for clothing retailers. Each final image is a composite of a virtualized model and a garment photograph and is indistinguishable from a single, real image.

With augmented reality and 3D destined to deliver initiatives such as improved experience, better image search and personalization, Allure Systems imagery also future-proofs your image assets. While traditional photography can never produce 3D or AR-ready images for you — every Allure Systems studio can deliver 3D/AR-ready content for incorporation into future projects.

Headquartered in NYC, Allure Systems was founded by Gabrielle Chou in 2017 and has raised $3.2 million in external funding over four rounds.

5. SuperWorld

Credit: SuperWorld

Founded in 2017 Hrish Lotlikar and Max Woon, SuperWorld is a startup whose augmented reality (AR) virtual world geographically mapped onto the real world allows users to create, discover and monetize AR content.

Based in Los Angeles, California, SuperWorld has raised more than $1 million in funding over six rounds.

James Dargan

James Dargan

James Dargan is a writer and researcher at The Metaverse Insider. His focus is on the QC startup ecosystem and he writes articles on the space that have a tone accessible to the average reader.

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