daPixel Makes a Name in NFT Advertising

Tim Haldorsson, CEO of daPixel, speaks on his knowledge of metaverse advertising

For many companies, NFTs (non-fungible tokens) can be confusing. NFTs have made headlines over the past year with artists, writers, and musicians selling their works as NFTs for thousands of dollars. This has made many companies do their own research, in hopes of making a significant profit. For companies confused about the NFT process, or don’t know where to begin, daPixel can help. daPixel is one of the few marketing firms helping companies to advertise within the metaverse, while also assisting companies in using NFTs to boost their business.

Though the company started rather recently, their team of marketing specialists has already created significant success for the agency. “I come from a marketing background,” explained daPixel CEO Tim Haldorsson. “Then around three years ago, I started doing more freelancing for tech companies.” In building his company, Haldorsson collected talented individuals knowledgeable in social media advertising and SEO processes, However, Haldorsson planned to have his company work differently than social media advertisements. “What I found is limited marketing platforms’ policies, like Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch policies, cause most companies to have a very hard time getting their ads to the public.” He added, “I wanted to create a different type of marketing system to avoid this.”

Like many other marketing agencies, daPixel offers traditional social media advertising campaigns, but unlike other agencies, they also offer campaigns for crypto influencers, as well as NFT advertisers. “We have two different parts of the agency,” said Haldorsson. “One of them is mainly focused on gaming, the other newer side is more focused on NFTs and cryptocurrency.” This double-pronged strategy allows companies to create advertising campaigns for the many layers of the metaverse, from gamers or virtual users to NFT collectors. “As you buy NFTs, we can teach you how to import them, or use the process for your business,” he said. As many companies, like Nike, Gucci, or Samsung, are looking into NFTs as a marketing strategy, it’s no surprise that the agency’s staff has seen success in helping advise on NFT marketing. According to Haldorsson: “We can definitely see that traditional marketing agencies are struggling to understand the virtual advertising process, which has made the market very nice for us.”

In working with NFTs, Haldersson has noticed a significant shift in how they are being advertised. Previously, many of these NFTS were sold as works of art, or for decoration only. Now, they seem to have a new purpose. “What you can see now is more and more companies are attaching some kind of utility to the NFT that can be used,” Haldorsson said. “For example, some artists are selling the streaming rights to an album, depending on the revenue for those things. So here is where I see more projects attaching more real-world value to NFTs, like membership access or streaming rights.” This trend has already proven successful for companies like Samsung which sold NFTs with virtual codes that go with their new devices. In pairing the virtual and real-world experiences, the customer interacts with the brand on multiple levels, ensuring more success for advertising as a whole.

It will be no surprise to see this trend become more mainstream on NFT marketplaces, like OpenSea. “When you go to OpenSea, you can see that most companies are actually wanting to add some real-life within the virtual asset,” explained Haldorsson. He and the rest of the daPixel team are excited to see this trend emerge, and work to help create exclusive real-world additions to NFTs for their clients.

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Kenna Hughes-Castleberry

Kenna Hughes-Castleberry

Kenna Castleberry is the Science Communicator at JILA (formerly known as the Joint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics) at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

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