5 Intrepid Augmented Reality Companies: Part 15

It’s time for part fifteen of the Metaverse Insider’s exclusive series on Augmented Reality (AR) companies building our industry. Here’s a link to the first one, in case you missed it.

1. UNIT9

Unit 9 one of the augmented reality companies shaping web3
Credit: UNIT 9

UNIT9 is a global production company with offices in Los Angeles, New York, London, Berlin, and Lodz, Poland. Founded in 1997 by Piero Frescobaldi, Tom Sacchi and Yates Buckley, its studio is a breeding ground of disciplines with a common vision to achieve ground-breaking marketing experiences and create new audiences.

Its talent roster includes film directors, innovation architects, product designers, software engineers, art directors, designers, and producers — delivering installations, events, social films, VR content, games and digital campaigns. Its production process combines open source with a lean startup philosophy, designed to enable collaboration across ideation, feasibility, and production.

2. Filament Games

Filament Games one of the augmented reality companies shaping web3
Credit: Filament Games

Filament Games is a Madison, Wisconsin-based video game production studio that exclusively creates educational, serious, and AR/VR games. The company’s products combine best practices in commercial game development with key concepts from the learning sciences, resulting in memorable digital learning experiences with real-world impact.

Since it was founded in 2005 by Daniel White, Daniel Norton, and Alexander Stone, Filament Games has partnered with organizations such as Scholastic, McGraw-Hill Education, Oculus, and the Department of Education to deliver world-class game-based learning tools and simulations. Filament Games also has developed and curates an award-winning collection of learning games wrapped in a custom learning management system that has been implemented in districts across the country.

3. Varjo

Credit: Varjo

Covered in a profile piece by the Metaverse Insider late last year, Varjo is a Helsinski, Finland-based startup revolutionizing reality with hardware and software that let you seamlessly merge virtual, mixed and traditional reality.

Founded in 2016 by Urho Konttori, the Varjo XR-3 and Varjo VR-3 headsets unlock new professional applications, making photorealistic augmented, virtual and mixed reality more accessible than ever.

To date, Varjo has raised an incredible $122.5 million in funding over eight rounds.

4. Proximie

Credit: Proximie

Proximie is a technology platform that uses a combination of machine learning, artificial intelligence and augmented reality to allow clinicians to virtually ‘scrub in’ and collaborate with each other from anywhere in the world.

Headquartered in London, the UK, Proximie was founded in 2016 by Dr. Nadine Hachach-Haram and has raised a total of $38 million in funding over three rounds.

5. S3B Global

Credit: S3B Global

Founded in 2018, S3B Global is an Alpharetta, Georgia-based technology consulting service provider, focused on delivering bespoke innovative Information Technology and end-to-end digital transformation solutions for enterprise organizations of all shapes and sizes.

With its incubator arm, S3B Global is focused on experimenting in emerging technologies and developing innovative products, new business models, and strategic engagements with clients, carriers, and augmented reality companies. Current technologies S3B Global has under development include Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, Artificial intelligence/Machine learning, Data Science, Product and Platform Engineering, Blockchain, IoT, Business Intelligence and Analytics.

S3B Labs’ approach to experimentation is to leverage cloud-based platforms to build new capabilities, reusable components and test-and-learn tools.

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