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Speaking in an interview for sports and pop culture website and podcast network The Ringer earlier this year, David Cole — Founder and CEO of digital entertainment research firm DFC Intelligence — gave us his view of VR:

“The problem with VR was that four years ago it was way overhyped. It was doomed to underperform by a large margin. However, the devices and content have been improving to make it start to look slightly interesting to a mass consumer base.”

That opinion is good news for companies providing innovative VR technology solutions, such as Pico Interactive. Founded in 2015 by Henry Zhou, this San Francisco-based startup is deeply committed to VR hardware and software R&D, VR application development and cutting-edge industrial product design.

Pico Interactive

With a philosophy built around the principle of “user first design”, Pico designs all its products with this principle as its primary motivation, as its designs eliminate those frequent pain points linked by users with typical VR products.

Pico’s products include the Neo 3 Pro/Pro Eye, G2 4K Enterprise and the Pico G2 4K headsets, all of which can boast best-in-class design.

For businesses, Pico’s VR Headsets have been designed to perform at the highest level of All-in-One (AIO) solutions for enterprise, while for developers the company offers the Pico Developer Platform.

As far as partners go, Pico has relationships across different verticals. These include healthcare, education, marketing, and training, as well as others.

Pico’s Founder, Henry Zhou, has extensive experience in the VR industry. Prior to founding Pico, Zhou was an engineer for acoustic and optical components company Goertek.

Speaking in 2020 to KrASIA, a tech media platform that covers news from the tech and startup ecosystems in China, Southeast Asia and India, Zhou said: “We wanted to bring the VR experience to the consumer level from the very beginning of our establishment. We bet on the standalone wireless type of headset devices instead of phone-based VR or tethered ones.”

While adding: “When it comes to the scenarios of using a VR-related product, there are two scenes — video and game. Our conclusion is the gaming market is more solid. Because gamers will spend more time on it and they are willing to pay more for it. That’s what we will focus on in the future.”

Pico logo
Credit: Pico Interactive

To help the company achieve its long-term goals, Pico has raised more than $60 million in funding over two rounds. Pico’s most recent funding, a $37.4-million Series B round in March 2021, had Co-Stone Venture Capital and Jianyin International Capital Management involved in the investment.

There is little doubt that as the Metaverse explodes in popularity, Pico will be in the mix, bringing its VR experience to customers around the world; and, at the same time, helping build Web3 for us all.

James Dargan

James Dargan

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