Immortal Game Company uses their Alpha Launch to make Metaverse Chess a Reality

Kenna Castleberry
Immortal Game is bringing chess to the metaverse with Alpha Launch, offering exclusive chess piece NFTs
Immortal Game is bringing chess to the metaverse with Alpha Launch, offering exclusive chess piece NFTs (PC Immortal Game)

Chess is probably one of the oldest games in human history. According to experts, the first chess game began over 2,000 years ago in India. Since then, chess has evolved in parallel with technology, becoming popular to play on computers and mobile phones. For chess players and fans alike, the long and rich history of this game is getting a new chapter. Immortal Game, a metaverse company, is creating a metaverse chess community, where players can play with chess grandmasters as well as purchase exclusive chess pieces as NFTs.

Called Alpha Launch, this event opened on March 17th. The event consists of four weekly tournaments, with NFT chess pieces having “quests” that users need to complete throughout the game. This has given a typical chess game a satisfying twist where chess players and nonplayers can enjoy this platform. This platform also allows for more social interaction between players, so players can use this function to help build a virtual chess community. Unlike other online chess platforms, Immortal Game is working hard to build a hub of chess fans and players, designing their platform to be as social as possible.

The Immortal Game chess platform is one-of-a-kind, as it uses two different tokens, the $IGE and GMT (Grand Master Token). The $IGE allows users to get a slice of the company’s revenue, as these tokens are linked to a staking pool. This lets users feel more connected with the company and be more invested in the company’s success. Immortal Game is not the only company that uses virtual tokens to connect more closely with its users, as it encourages more company use and interaction with the brand. The $IGE token also allows a user to have a vote in any project decisions pitched by the company. If a player reaches a top ranking in a weekly competition, they are awarded an $IGE token.

Conversely, the GMT tokens are awarded to play after every chess match. Players can receive multiple GMT tokens depending on their games. GMT tokens allow players to level up other pieces and repair them after a game. The number of GMT tokens a player has can also help them to find the perfect league to play in, from Rookie to Grand Master! Having the right league is important as players can learn from others and better grow their skills, while making new friends in this virtual space.

Thanks to its new Alpha Launch, the Immortal Game company not only gives its players many ways to make the virtual reality chess game fun but also offers exclusive NFT chess pieces for purchase. Not only are these chess pieces uniquely designed, but each piece comes with its own superpowers and side quests that will be in play during a chess match. Players must purchase at least one of the “Immortals” pieces in order to play, and can use up to four of these special pieces in one game.

The Alpha Launch also gives players access to private tournaments with some of the best chess players in the world, including India’s 2nd highest-ranked player and the 12th ranked player in the world. In joining the Immortal Game Discord Channel, players get access to exclusive events and opportunities. Thanks to Immortal Game’s efforts, the company is bringing chess into the metaverse with opportunities for business development and NFT ownership for any interested parties. This launch reveals just how far the game of chess has come, since its inception over 2,000 years ago.

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