Rokid Secures $160 Million in Series C Funding and Gains new Accreditation

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Rokid Secures $160 Million in Series C Funding and Gains new Accreditation

Rokid, a leader in mixed reality technology, has announced a series C funding round of $110 million. The funding came from ecosystem investors. Since 2021, Rokid has received series C funding of around $160 million. The latest funding round by the company will propel it to new heights within the mixed reality market.

The funds will be used to accelerate global expansion, branding, ecological construction, and grow the company’s R&D initiatives. As a result, they will use this funding to push the boundaries within the mixed reality space. With the rise of web3 and the convergence of physical and digital worlds, the mixed reality company wants to cement itself further as a leader in augmented reality and AI, pushing its mixed reality devices to the maximum in terms of innovation.

Last month, here at the Metaverse Insider, we enjoyed interviewing the team over at Rokid about their mixed reality devices and their views on web3. During our chat, the team explained how they are pushing the boundaries of their mixed reality devices, especially with their Rokid- X craft headset, which is explosion-proof. Rokid has made a breakthrough regarding its AR explosive proof applications, gaining an ATEX Zone 1 certification from TUV Rheinland Group for its Rodik- X craft model. Thus, making it the world’s first explosion-proof, dustproof, waterproof, GPS, and 5G supported mixed reality device.

All in all, Rokid, is leading the way to provide safe but inclusive AI and AR mixed reality solutions. The company will take its products to new heights through funding and increased recognition, helping companies achieve digital transformation. Here at the Metaverse Insider, we cannot wait to see how the company continues to develop its products as we approach metaverse realities, congratulations to the team over at Rokid!


About Rokid

Established in 2014, Rokid specializes in the research and product development of
Mixed Reality and Artificial Intelligence. With its mission of “leave nobody behind”,
Rokid provides the extreme user experience, superior products, and robust
enterprise solutions for development communities. Our passion motivates us to
make a positive and powerful impact on a broad range of industries.

Jack Boreham

Jack Boreham

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