6 Initiatives Assisting in The Rise of NFTs: Part 1

Years of The NFTs

As of late the Metaverse Insider has been dedicating a lot of time to highlighting virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) companies making waves in the Metaverse. However, these are only part of the story of how Web3 will be built: NFTs — Non-fungible tokens — are the future of it, too.

Digital assets that allow you to prove ownership of a store of value such as a non-tangible item in the form of a virtual drawing or something physical such as real estate or fine art, 2021 and 2022 seem to be the years of NFT startups and other similar initiatives taking off.

Just to give you an idea of how fast this sector is growing, the Metaverse Insider thought it relevant to call attention to them.

This, then — the first in a longish series of NFT initiatives in the marketplace — will serve those unfamiliar with the space and, it is hoped, educate you about the entrepreneurs and startups changing this nascent industry.

1. NFTs Lab

Credit: NFTs Lab

Founded in 2021 by Giovanni Casagrande, Gianluca Gaudio, Mauro Settimo Carini, and Alessandro Benigni, NFTs Lab is a Washington DC startup bridging digital and traditional art through marketplaces, programmatically generation tools, easy smart contracts publishing, marketing launchpad, physical art galleries, and Metaverse events.

2. Niftmint

Credit: Niftmint

Niftmint lets brands build loyalty and awareness while selling new digital products directly on their website, without the need to manage or introduce cryptocurrency to the customers.

The company was founded in 2021 by retail tech and commerce entrepreneur, executive, and educator, Jonathan G. Blanco.

3. Bitcoin Libertarian NFTs

Credit: Bitcoin Libertarian NFTs

With headquarters in San Diego, California, Libertarian NFTs Bitcoin was founded in 2021 by Alastair Caithness, a recognized leader in the development of asset-backed, blockchain tokens.

Caithness operates as a consultant for the Libertarian Party to develop a future economy based on digital assets through tokenization of the government’s assets/substantial resources into a usable which will be distributed to all American citizens.

This distribution will level the economic playing field for all Americans and will serve as a form of reparations and basic income for US citizens who have struggled to achieve economic liberty.

Caithness monetary policy is referred to as ‘Tokenized Asset Distributions’ not ‘Universal Basic Income’, and his art reflects his Bitcoin Libertarian viewpoint with the idea of developing a future crypto-based economy.

4. NFTs studio gallery

NFTs Studio Gallery
NFTs Studio Gallery

NFTs studio gallery is a global platform specializing in connecting creators, collectors and investors to the market for creating, exhibiting, buying and selling NFT art.

Based in São Paulo, Brazil, it was founded in 2022 by Carlos Moreth.

5. NFTs By Athletes

NFTs by Athletes
Credit: NFTs by Athletes

NFTs By Athletes is based in Los Angeles, California and was founded in 2021 to help professional athletes, artists and celebrities to elevate their brands, leverage their networks, and generate revenues. It creates NFTs, Digital Sports Cards and adds unique experiences. NFTs By Athletes will deliver unique experiences, special edition sports cards, one-of-a-kind autographed items, and much more.

Providing a world-class experience for athletes from all industries, including football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, soccer etc, whether the athlete is looking to create a series of digital cards, a limited edition set, or a combination between physical items and digital cards, the team at NFTs by Athletes is there to help guide players through the process from start to finish.

6. Jugnoo

NFTs Juggoo
Credit: Jugnoo

Jugnoo is the world’s first NFT-driven Intangible Asset Exchange, creating the bridge between intangible assets and their trading.

Jugnoo believes making it easy to tokenize and trade intangible assets will increase business economic value, from within. It also opens up an opportunity to unlock boundless innovation and help increase global economic freedom.

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Jugnoo was founded in 2021.

James Dargan

James Dargan

James Dargan is a writer and researcher at The Metaverse Insider. His focus is on the QC startup ecosystem and he writes articles on the space that have a tone accessible to the average reader.

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