Improbable: Accelerating The Opportunities For Gaming & The Metaverse

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Improbable: Accelerating The Opportunities For Gaming & The Metaverse

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“We have spent a decade building our technology, refining our expertise and deepening our understanding of the market. Improbable is poised to take advantage of these new opportunities. Now is the time to double down. We have seen a marked increase in inquiries from partners in a variety of sectors beyond gaming seeking to engage in the metaverse. The opportunities under discussion include Web3 gaming, event hosting and social spaces and we want to build upon our competitive edge in virtual world technology and continue to prove our Morpheus technology in the Metaverse, while at the same time strengthening our financial profile in a sustainable way. Our team has a proven track record of solving density and presence issues and creating great experiences within games. As the Metaverse opportunity explodes, we aim to become a pathfinder in the development of meaningful worlds powered by rich ecosystems. We will also continue being a preferred service provider to the games and entertainment market and help accompany our clients in this Metaverse revolution.”

Those are the words of Herman Narula, CEO, and Co-Founder of Improbable, a UK-based technology company he founded along with Rob Whitehead (a fellow Cambridge Computer Science graduate) in 2012.

It seems the Metaverse — with all the possibilities it contains — has taken the tech world by storm. And Improbable is no exception, helped by the company’s proprietary Morpheus technology, which enables enhanced social interaction and a sense of presence inside virtual spaces.


For a decade now, Improbable has driven forward, building its virtual world infrastructure, refining immersive interactive experiences to such a point.

One use-case of Morpheus in action came last year when Midwinter Entertainment multiplayer title Scavengers, experimental game mode ScavLab demonstrated the technology live, with over 4000 people in a shared simultaneous game world, as well as nearly 1.5K fans had the pleasure of joining K-pop star AleXa freely roaming an arena in full control of their avatar, dancing in the crowd and interacting with the singer in a pioneering metaversal experience.

There is no doubt the $604.1 million in funding Improbable has raised over six rounds in the ten years since it was founded — backed by the likes of Andreessen Horowitz, Horizons Ventures, Temasek, and SoftBank — has assisted its rise. Apart from the cash available to them, Improbable’s two co-founders have played a major part as well.

Herman Narula is Improbable’s CEO who earned a BS in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge.

Meanwhile, his fellow Co-Founder, Rob Whitehead, also gained a BS in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge.

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Projections for Improbable’s addressable market for its services and technology are set to be more than $100 billion across games and the Metaverse by mid-decade. This, in itself, lends credence to how much potential the Morpheus technology can disrupt the Metaverse, and make Improbable a success for Web3 and the Metaverse.

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James Dargan

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