Jean-Charles Capelli is an Industry Leader Bringing, Live Shows, Music and More to the Metaverse

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Jean-Charles Capelli is an Industry Leader Bringing, Live Shows, Music and More to the Metaverse

Jean-Charles Capelli is an industry leader and founder of several Web3 projects in the Metaverse space. Jean Charles joins us to talk about his latest metaverse ventures, including his innovative blockchain-powered interactive live shows platform French Crypto and the launch of a concert in Roblox, helmed by his company Batt-Capelli. Check out our fascinating conversation below.

Hi Jean-Charles, can you tell us about yourself and what projects you are working on in the Metaverse space?

“Hi Jack, I was born in Lyon, France. I have worked in the family building business for many years, CAPELLI, which I run and co-own with my brother. Then I invested in Web3, metaverse, and NFTs.”

How did you start your journey into Web3?

“As a core gamer for 25 years, I love writing and listening to music. I partnered with the famous Mike Batt to create a new IP. We run together a company named Batt-Capelli and launched April 1st, this new project is called “Croix-Noire”

“Croix-Noire is a trinity: ALBUM + COMIC + GAME.”

“Thanks to this project, I met with Dubit and was impressed by their skills and background. They were raising cash as a series A at that time (end 2020). I invested in their round at METAVENTURES (that owns 100% of Dubit, 17% of XR GAMES, and more) on a valuation of $55m.”

Croix-Noire founded by Jean-Charles Capelli, founder of other metaverse projects such as live shows

You are the founder of several Web3 projects; can you explain more about them?

Four companies:


Music-focused but a real Web3 music project as its first-ever concert will be on Roblox, featuring a brand new artist. Launching on April 1st, the comic + Roblox game + the first single, “A Whole New day.”

French Crypto

“French Crypto aims to democratize Web3 – the next internet generation, a decentralized digital infrastructure powered by blockchain technology. It will achieve this by supporting brands in their Web3 insertion and launching the world’s first interactive live shows on the blockchain.”

“Free-to-watch and ad-free, French Crypto shows will be staged in real life (IRL) at a stunning venue in the heart of Paris where ANYTHING is possible because the shots are called by owners of French Crypto collection NFTs or non-fungible tokens – a type of cryptocurrency that runs on the blockchain.”

“As Web3 technology continues to evolve, our philosophy is simple – to give everyone the chance to experience it and benefit from it. Unlike Web2, which is powered by big tech companies, Web3 is a permissionless internet that anyone can use without generating access credentials or seeking permission from a provider.”


“A fully interactive live show staged in central Paris in partnership with Polygon Studios, where NFT owners become event managers.”

“By voting through our web app, the French Crypto community will design the event they want to see – from choosing the live entertainment, music, and brands to planning and attending private IRL parties where they can meet VIPs—paintballing in our loft? Yes! Import truckloads of sand and host a beach volley championship?”

“Until now, people have watched live events and sometimes been able to vote anecdotally, but they have never been able to participate in creating the live events that they want to see.”

“Thanks to French Crypto, this live event fantasy is becoming a reality.”

“Owning a French Crypto NFT will give our community a right to vote on what they want to see in our weekly live shows, where there will be NO ads and NO subscription fee. NFT owners create the show for NFT owners.”


“Doubled size in a year (100+), will at least triple revenues in 2022. You can see us as a network in the metaverse. We provide brands with the traffic plus the tech to develop the best experiences.”

Gaming is slowly transitioning into the metaverse. But the mainstream is reluctant to adopt it. How long do you think it will be until they fully embrace Web3?

“We all remember when gamers were reluctant to adopt mobile games. I was too. I’m an old-style Counter-Strike 1.2 online gamer and a AAA console games gamer. Now we are playing Brawl Stars occasionally too.”

“I think that it’s not necessarily the same gamers. And hopefully, you can be a “multi-gamer” (AAA + mobile + Web3). The mainstream is reluctant to adopt NFTs because why should we now pay for stuff we had for free before? I agree. Web3 has to bring some new extraordinary stuff. This is why we are doing something never done before at FrenchCrypto.” 

How long do you think it will be until they fully embrace Web3?

“How long will it be until Web3 provides content for core gamers? That’s the answer.”

Esports is associated with mainstream gaming. How does the metaverse present new opportunities for Esports?

“We at Dubit created the first and only gaming league multi-metaverse: Metaverse Gaming League aka MGL. It covers several metaverses (Roblox, Core, Minecraft) and provides fun income for mainstream gamers (not for pro gamers) and viewers. “

“Metaverse can offer more than gaming: experiences. So it’s gaming [plus live shows plus social areas plus business and more.”

“MGL events are now about gaming and will extend next month to a larger public. Esport can go into sports experiences, music events, art shows, etc.”

How do you think the metaverse can improve gaming?

“IMO by bringing a way better social aspect to online games. “

You are the chairman of Dubit, a company that creates games. How does metaverse game development differ from traditional game development? 

“The process is just thrilling as the customer is so much more involved through conception. Because it is not “just” a game but an experience that they will use to host events, it is like building a headquarter + a game + a huge showroom and planning a huge launch party there! “

Is anything exciting coming up for your projects in the next year?

“The list is huge, but unfortunately, we can’t disclose it before the projects are live. But I can say that..”

“Dubit did the Brit awards and will do at least five very big music events in 2022 (including Croix-Noire concert, starring Ace Hansel Jr.), some internationally famous sports events, some very cool NFT collections, worlds for the coolest fashion brands.”

“Frenchcrypto will start its live show starring some superstars.”


How can our readers get involved with your projects?

“Gamers and developers can win prizes at the MGL! Investors can invest in the series B we are raising now. Brands can dive into Web3 thanks to our multi-skilled departments.”

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