Croix Noire is the Metaverse Comic We’ve Always Wanted, and it Releases Today!

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Croix Noire is the Metaverse Comic We’ve Always Wanted, and it Releases Today!

Croix Noire is a graphic, game, and album, launching simultaneously. Here’s a quick synopsis:

“Step into the world of Croix-Noire, but watch your back. This is not the safest place to be. Croix-Noire is one of the roughest areas in France, full of deadbeats, drug addicts and hookers. And that’s just the municipal library!”

Founded by some of the biggest names in comics, games, and the music industry, the world of Croix-Noire will take place in a 140-page graphic novel, with the first issue released today. 

Alongside the comic’s release, it will feature on the Roblox platform as a game and even as a full-length music album titled “Songs from Croix-Noire.” The novel will release in seven monthly comic issues alongside its entertainment counterparts.

“Songs from Croix-Noire” will be available on Vinyl, CD cassette, and digitally. Each comic issue will coincide with releasing a new track on the album. The first song, “A Whole New Day,” will be released alongside the release of the first comic. 

Croix Noire


The impressive world of Croix-Noire was the brainchild of singer, songwriter, and producer Mike Batt, songwriter/entrepreneur Jean-Charles Capelli, Emmy award-winning writer David Quantick, legendary Marvel/DC comic artist Mike Collins and executives from Dubit.

The comic stars the hypersensitive protagonist Ace Hansel Jr, a reluctant hero in an interlinked world. Mike Batt had this to say about Croix-Noire’s protagonist:

“Ace Hansel Jr is a fictitious, B list, capeless superhero,” says Batt. “He lives in and looks after a dark and dangerous world based on a real French red light district familiar to Jean-Charles.” 

To develop such a character and to flesh out the story behind it, both Mike and Jean Charles hired David Qauntick to write the fifty thousand word novelisation:

“We invited David to write a 50 thousand word novella expanding the mythology and dramatic range of the characters, so the reality and the fantasy would merge as seamlessly as possible,” says Batt.

Jean-Charles adds, “Every song on the album is either about, or inspired by someone in my life, either just as they are, or as developed in David’s novel. At the same time, David was feeding off our album ideas to write the novel. It was a fascinating process.”

Check out Croix Noire here to pick up the first issue. Likewise, make sure to read our interview with Croix Noire’s founder Jean-Charles Capelli. 


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