Leading US Defence Contractor Eolian Receives Patent For Metaverse System & Method

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Leading US Defence Contractor Eolian Receives Patent For Metaverse System & Method

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Patent Issue

EolianVR, Inc. (Eolian), a leading US-based defence contractor that specializes in mixed reality (MR) solutions, has announced it was officially awarded a federally issued patent that will protect and enhance the ongoing development of their unique and groundbreaking software, Eolian Simulation Platform (ESP).

The startup, whose technology can develop and deploy applications on VR and AR HMDs such as Microsoft Hololens 2, Magic Leap, IVAS, Samsung, Windows Mixed Reality, Oculus, HTC Vive, Gear360, Playstation VR, Google Cardboard, Meta2, and many more, is headquartered in Tampa, Florida.


Eolian was founded in 2016 by Michael McCormack, Michael Simmons and John Cannizzaro. Along with the rest of the team, McCormack et al can draw on a combined 30+ years in software development and marketing.

The ESP empowers users from around the globe to enter a 3D virtual world effortlessly and navigate the same experience using augmented and virtual reality Head-Mounted-Displays (HMDs) or through their mobile device or computer.

“Enemies of The Status Quo.”

 — Eolian

Once inside these virtual worlds, users can view and share all types of content, ranging from 3D models and geospatial data to images and videos. The ability to interact in real-time using Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) is one of the distinctive features of ESP, as is the ability to customize each virtual experience based on their unique requirements.

“This invention allows our client base to easily implement and sustain a massive, scalable metaverse that is secure and able to keep up with the pace of innovation,” said Michael McCormack, EolianVR’s CEO. “This patent is a testament to the revolutionary work that is a trademark of Eolian and reinforces the effectiveness and success of multiple high-profile systems we’ve developed for several United States federal agencies and national healthcare organizations.”

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While the patent protects Eolian’s intellectual property, it will also allow the team to further develop and improve upon its mixed reality platforms for several verticals, including military/defence, healthcare and real estate. Going with the patent, Eolian was the successful launch of ARTAK Mark 1 (Augmented Reality Tactical Assault Kit) — designed with users in mind within the United States Department of Defense. ARTAK provides enhanced situational awareness and 3D mission planning capabilities for military-specific use cases.

ESP is the next phase for Eolian’s customer base interested in leveraging the Metaverse to develop and deploy realistic use cases for their organizations and will assist Eolian’s greater mission to virtually help save lives using VR and AR technologies.

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