MILC Unveils its Ecosystem Map Highlighting Extensive Partnerships


MILC Unveils its Ecosystem Map Highlighting Extensive Partnerships

Partnerships are key for any startup or business, especially in the web3 space, when competition is high. One project that fully understands this is MILC, the leading open marketplace for the content media industry and one of our partners.

Last year, MILC was launched as a revolutionary concept, trying to shake up media to remove content creation barriers to entry. Over the previous year, MILC has impressively expanded its partnerships to incorporate some of the biggest names in security, content, investment, and all things metaverse. Such collaborations include Vodafone, MSN, Master ventures, and yours truly, the Metaverse Insider.

Likewise, the platform has teamed up with key exchanges like Uniswap and Pancakeswap and even collaborated with the likes of Certik, a pioneer in blockchain security and the EU-funded mediaverse.

MILC revealed today its platform ecosystem map, highlighting its impressive lineup of partners. From the beginning, we have been a proud partner of MILC as they expand their ecosystem and their metaverse. We saw the potential of the platform to spread content in a decentralized manner that benefits the creator while removing critical obstacles to editorial.

Over the next year, we look to integrate further with the platform and its metaverse, and the platform’s partners. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for the MILC platform as it sets its sights on expanding further.

For further information about our partnership, read our press release here.

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