4 VR/AR Companies For The Metaverse: Part 14

It’s time for part fourteen today in the series on virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) companies powered by the Metaverse Insider. For those readers who missed the first part, here’s the link to it to get you started.

1. Austin Visuals

Credit: Austin Visuals

Austin Visuals is an Austin, Texas-based company founded in 2007 by Matthew Winters that produces high-quality corporate collateral, 3D animation, live video, graphics, custom ads, educational modules, medical and industrial 3D animation and graphics, while also offering a full VR/AR/MR and a range of other services including creative development, script and storyboard creation, marketing strategy and analysis, brand development and re-branding, voice and actor casting, filming and photography.

2. Waka World

Credit: Waka World

Waka World provides brands with a suite of Metaverse, live social commerce and NFT solutions to create immersive spatial shopping experiences as well as to mint and sell NFT-based Fashion assets showcased through virtual 3D closets, ramp walks, galleries, augmented reality and live video interactions.

Waka is a GameFi Play2Earn NFT Metaverse into spatial immersive fan experiences by sustainability-conscious brands and celebrities. Fans and creators are rewarded with Waka Tokens along with Preserve2Earn, Conserve2Earn and Restore2Earn NFT. Waka believes in One Earth and wants to make a real-world impact in the conservation of animals and habitats through the Metaverse.

Based in Jersey City, New Jersey, Waka World was founded in 2021 by Avinash Kaushik and Dushyant Aterkar.

3. Myriad Global

Credit: Myriad Global

Myriad Global is an award-winning digital communications agency that has focused on producing powerful and compelling media that informs, delights and inspires the people its clients care about since it was founded way back in 1989 by James Thompson.

Its multi-channel approach ensures that all clients have the latest technology to communicate their message worldwide. The company’s dedication to excellence and innovation pushes it to develop within an ever-changing industry and deliver cost-effective solutions, satisfying business objectives.

Myriad has offices and teams of creative experts across the globe. Its scope and longevity link it to some of the world’s largest industries — energy, construction, engineering, aviation, transport, and many more. Using state-of-the-art technology and a dedication to excellence and innovation, its global team is ready to design, create and deliver your project to maximum effect.

Myriad stays at the forefront of new technologies such as virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR), film production, 2D and 3D animation, graphic design, podcasts, 360-degree video & photography, mobile App development and interactive media, and events and exhibitions etc.

4. Dimension Studio

Credit: Dimension Studio

Creating virtual worlds and virtual humans for film, TV, VR, AR, and the Metaverse, Dimension Studio is one of the companies leading in the creation of virtual worlds, digital humans, and volumetric content for the entertainment industry. Its work is pioneering new forms of storytelling and features in films, games, sports, music videos, fashion, and Metaverse worlds.

Founded in 2017 by Simon Windsor and Callum Macmillan, London-based Dimension Studio is the first Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture studio partner.

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