Pixel Canvas Presents OMNIYA: A Customizable Web3 Metaverse Powered by PureWeb

Credit: PureWeb/Pixel Canvas - The Enterprise Metaverse (CNW Group/PureWeb.)

Pixel Canvas Presents OMNIYA: A Customizable Web3 Metaverse Powered by PureWeb

PRESS RELEASE — LOS ANGELES, May 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Pixel Canvas — a PureWeb Premier Partner — has previewed OMNIYA, a first-of-its-kind customizable metaverse for enterprise.

Launching in June, OMNIYA (pronounced “Ahm-nee-uh”) is a metaverse built on Unreal Engine that will give end users a stunning 3D virtual experience, while enabling creators and businesses to host metaverse experiences at scale. Powered by PureWeb’s unparalleled Pixel Streaming platform, OMNIYA will enable a wide range of hosting capabilities, from intimate gatherings to massive events, all from within the browser — no downloads or special equipment needed. Its genesis collection will include uniquely designed environments, mini games, and in-world experiences from Pixel Canvas’ library that will be readily available to members.

“Brands and influencers are embracing the Metaverse at a rapid pace,” says Joey Lee, CEO and Creative Director at Pixel Canvas. “The ability to grow and engage followers in a dynamic, interactive platform turns passive fans into loyalists. Many current metaverses have failed to deliver on the experience that Web3 users expect — most are slow, clunky, pixelated, or low-res. Thanks to our partnership with PureWeb, our team is proud to deliver a fully built, always-on metaverse focused on a premium user experience.”

“The PureWeb Reality platform makes it easier than ever for brands and businesses to develop and distribute high-quality metaverse experiences at scale,” says James Henry, CEO at PureWeb. “Our platform is a critical infrastructure layer to the metaverse and we are both proud and excited to be part of Pixel Canvas’ groundbreaking OMNIYA metaverse.”

From April 18th — 21st, 2022, Pixel Canvas and leading Web3 consultancy agency BBCo hosted an exclusive OmniPass presale event, which welcomed a host of NFT influencers such as DJ Tropix, DressX, Expopulus, and DigiArts. During that time, OmniPasses were available for sale on a first-come-first-serve basis. An OmniPass is an NFT that allows the holder a number of special benefits — they were allowed to mint before the general public during the presale window for OMNIYA models. OmniPass holders will have first access to the tier/model of their choosing when OMNIYA opens in June and can apply the value of their OmniPass toward that cost.

Credit: omniya

Over the course of the four-day event, distributed by PureWeb, 4000 visitors from around the world entered the OMNIYA presale experience and 549 OmniPasses were sold. Each day unveiled different immersive 3D demos of ready-built metaverse environments as well as gamified experiences that will be available for OMNIYA members.

About Pixel Canvas

Pixel Canvas is an enterprise metaverse company. The company has a browser-based, interactive 3D platform that has helped major brands address the new reality of digital interactivity with a superior product. Pixel Canvas leverages a gaming background and high visual fidelity 3D design experience to offer environments in the Metaverse.

About PureWeb

PureWeb is the enterprise choice for the cloud distribution of immersive 3D metaverse applications. These applications, built in Unreal Engine or Unity, support architectural visualizations, digital twins, internal collaboration, customer engagement, and the next generation of commercial metaverse experiences.

PureWeb simplifies and accelerates the development and deployment of such applications, enabling users to access each experience through any web browser on any device.

Our platform efficiently manages cloud infrastructure and global usage, while minimizing latency and cost.


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James Dargan

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