MegaCube is the Biggest Multiplayer Experience in the Metaverse 

Credit: MegaCube

MegaCube is the Biggest Multiplayer Experience in the Metaverse 

There are many multiplayer experiences in the metaverse space, but none so impressive as MegaCube.

MegaCube is the biggest multiplayer experience in the metaverse. MegaCube is a collaborative experience held in Decentraland that brings together players worldwide to discover the mysteries behind one giant cube. 

The gigantic cube comprises many smaller cubes that have to be mined one by one until the cube’s center is reached. The cube consists of many layers, like an onion, that players must mine using Minecraft-like mechanics to uncover the cube’s secrets.

MegaCube 2 features a whopping one hundred layers featuring NFT projects, artists, and of course, NFT and ERC-20 rewards. As players make their way through mining the cube, they may uncover prizes supplied by MegaCubes sponsors and artists. 

Likewise, the first player to successfully mine the final cube will get rewards from all sponsors and claim ultimate cube mining glory. Premium sponsors include Polygon, Boson Protocol, Outer Ring, and many more. 

MegaCube 1 (the first iteration of the experience) took one week to complete and consisted of fifty layers, with each layer taking four hours to complete. Thus, this year is looking to be the biggest yet with one hundred layers. Last year, the event had over two thousand players, with the second event looking to grow these numbers rapidly.

And, for a good reason! It is an absolute blast to play and can change lives. Here’s what the winner of MegaCube 1, SpartyBJones  had to say about the event: 

The MegaCube pushed me to learn about the importance of NFTs and how they will be beneficial in the future. I’ve shifted my focus from coin trading to a combo of both. I was laid off during covid, and now I haven’t had to find another job. The MegaCube had a huge impact on my life. I went from not knowing about NFTs to trading them daily for a living.

MegaCube 2 will launch on May 6th, 2022, in Decentraland, so dust off your pickax and prepare to mine the cube!

You can sign up for the event here and join the MegaCube Discord. 

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