An Interview w/ Property’s Konrad and Daniel at NFC Lisbon

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An Interview w/ Property’s Konrad and Daniel at NFC Lisbon

Property’s is an NFT and metaverse company that sees itself as a metaverse facilitator. The founding team started with a vision that views metaverses as digital homes and platforms to individuals, artists and brands. In anticipation of an upcoming wave of users, brands and funds look to enter the metaverse. Property’s helps to facilitate brands and users to enter the metaverse by providing platforms, tools, digital assets and education.

Property’s is an NFT collection based on two gamification concepts:

  • A collecting game that rewards holders for collecting specific fictional areas with their $BRIX utility token
  • A multi-metaverse experience; developing worlds that host communities, brands, and content creators – An inclusive social hub that enables experiences on various metaverses

At the Non-Fungible Conference, I interviewed Property’s CEO, Konrad Probst, and their CMO, Daniel Datsenko, about the project.

We started by diving into the core fundamentals of the project. Konrad began the conversation, explaining the original concept behind Property’s and its explosive growth:

“Well, Property’s started from the very basic idea of providing houses to the abundance of avatars out there. And as the team grew and our project gained traction, we started to explore more metaverses and ways to provide value; the whole vision just got a lot bigger.”

Continuing, Konrad explained how the Property’s vision shifted to being a metaverse facilitator for consumers and brands:

“Property’s mission is to be a metaverse facilitator on the consumer side, which means we enable them to get useful assets for metaverses like The Sandbox. Likewise, we want to give them the tools to be able to be a content creator and create their own assets.”

“Additionally, we are looking at existing brands and help in finding their product-market fit in web 3.0. We are ideating with many product brands in industry verticals such as sports and premium consumer goods. We are also looking at the way personal brands can be integrated to tell their story in a contextually right setting.” 

Property’s CEO Konrad Probst and CMO Daniel Datsenko

Konrad gave more information about why in particular, they are focusing on sports and brand collaborations:

“At this point, we are able to onboard both users and brands – both are symbiotic. We help companies to contextually place their brand in web 3.0, while we offer users the assets and tools that are needed to have good metaverse experiences. Bringing both sides together via NFTs and the metaverse opens new room for authentic storytelling and closer customer relations.”

As evident from the conversation, authenticity goes hand in hand with quality products. This resulted in the team delivering a quality NFT product in the form of Property’s.

But the same cannot be said for other NFT projects currently making the rounds that inflate prices. On the other hand, Property’s is a unique and authentic project that follows a similar structure to Monopoly:

“On a basic level we use the same mechanic that Monopoly uses: collect colored cards and group them – the more you own, the more rewards. Our NFT collection is curated based on buildings that reflect cultural and economical variety. We grouped these buildings into cities and districts that carry unique characteristics and vibes that are reflected on the metaverse.”

Of course, collaboration is key for early success in the NFT industry. Even large IPs like The Sandbox rely on partnerships that facilitate cooperation and interoperability, something both Konrad and Daniel value to a high degree, which they believe will help them grow their platform:

“Having our partnership network with all these NFT communities consisting largely of avatar and gaming projects definitely was part of our success. But these aren’t promotional partners – they are part of our world. That’s what we are building on The Sandbox. We are excited about this social gaming hub.”  Said Daniel.

Property’s list of partners

Konrad reiterated further:

“We want to be remembered for positively impacting those early years. It’s about creating value and showing people a new way of experiencing social media, content networks and brands – one that is more rewarding. The ways in which we can provide monetary and non-monetary value to both brands and individuals are exciting.”

After finishing the interview, I could tell how humble both Konrad and Daniel were to share the NFC conference with such brilliant minds in the web3 space. As Konrad stated:

“I have a lot of respect for these projects because this takes a high level of risk, and they’re not just doing that; they’re focusing on one specific market.”

And we couldn’t agree more. Make sure to check out the brilliant project here.

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