5 Blockchain Companies Helping The Metaverse Grow: Part 9


5 Blockchain Companies Helping The Metaverse Grow: Part 9

Part nine this time on Blockchain initiatives/companies powered by the Metaverse Insider. In case you missed out on the first part of the series, here is the link to it.

1. Cornell Blockchain

Credit: Cornell Blockchain

Cornell Blockchain is an organization aimed to close the gap between business and technology through the education, certification and application of blockchain.

Based in Ithaca, New York State, Cornell Blockchain aims to educate and develop the next thought leaders by providing learning opportunities and a network of resources. On campus, it runs workshops, information sessions, and runs projects with its Research and Development Branch (R&D) and Advisory Branch.

Supported by Cornell’s IC3 (Initiative for Cryptocurrencies and Contracts) research organization, expert advisors, and partnerships with major blockchain organizations around the world, the initiative was set up in 2019 and is led by an Executive Board

2. Blockchain Zoo

Credit: Blockchain Zoo

Blockchain Zoo is a Singapore-based initiative that is a one-stop-shop offering solutions for any of your Blockchain needs, from assisting clients in reviewing white papers, creating NFTs, developing MVPs for Blockchain projects, all the way to creating and deploying blockchain solutions, and conducting enterprise-level training on decentralized technology.

Blockchain Zoo was founded in 2017 by Roberto Capodieci, Barton Johnston, Stefano Griggio, Luca Gobbo, Krisda Leeaphorn, and Lee Willson.

3. Swisscom Blockchain

Credit: Swisscom Blockchain

Swisscom Blockchain offers Swiss companies and the public sector reliable blockchain solutions and highly secure infrastructure for blockchain applications.

Founded in 2017 and led by CEO Lukas Hohl, Swisscom Blockchain facilitates the establishment of blockchain-based business models. Alongside its partners from business, research and politics, the company intends to harness the full potential of blockchain technology for Switzerland.

4. Blockchain Technologies

Credit: Blockchain Technologies

Founded in 2021, Blockchain Technologies is a blockchain consulting and development company based in Sydney, Australia.

Offering comprehensive end-to-end blockchain software engineering solutions on private and public blockchain networks, its clientele includes Multiple Funded Startups, SMBs and a few MNCs from Australia and all over the world.

5. Argo Blockchain

Credit: Argo

Argo Blockchain is a world-leading publicly-listed cryptocurrency miner, championing the use of renewable sources of power to support the growth and development of blockchain technologies.

Transforming and democratizing the global financial ecosystem for a more equitable and sustainable world, Argo powers the world’s most innovative and sustainable blockchain infrastructure.

Founded in 2017 by Mike Edwards and Peter Wall, the London-based company has raised a total of $150 million in funding over five rounds.

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