4 VR/AR Companies For The Metaverse: Part 18

Not many instalments to go now until we say farewell to this series on virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) companies powered by the Metaverse Insider. Today we give you part eighteen. Haven’t even read the first one yet? Here’s the link to it to get you started.

1. Big Immersive

Based in Lahore, Pakistan, Big Immersive was founded in 2016 and is an immersive technology studio, focusing on 3D content for Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality. With expertise backed and acknowledged by some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, Big Immersive specializes in creating digital ecosystems.

Its aims to do this by helping people create and publish quality content on all immersive media by providing useful information to produce quality VR and AR experiences, helping developers evolve, polish and finish their products, providing exposure to various markets and mediums, and connecting the right people and organizations for publishing collaborations.

2. TechSee

TechSee revolutionizes the customer experience domain with the first remote visual assistance platform powered by Computer Vision AI and Augmented Reality. TechSee helps organizations enhance service quality, reduce operational costs and improve customer experience. In the new reality, organizations can deploy TechSee for remote contactless service to ensure service resilience and keep customers and employees safe.

With TechSee, customers and technicians receive remote visual support through their mobile screens, in assisted-service or self-service mode, with patented browser-based technology. Using proprietary Computer Vision AI technology, TechSee recognizes devices and their issues to deliver visual automation.

TechSee’s proven enterprise-grade solutions are implemented across hundreds of service organizations in 43 countries with over 2 million monthly customer interactions across industries including telecom, consumer electronics, manufacturing, utilities, and more. TechSee has received several awards including Gartner’s “Cool Vendor.” The Accenture Innovation Award, AI Breakthrough Awards, and Fast Company Most Innovative Companies Award.

Based in Herzliya, Israel, TechSee was founded in 2017 by Eitan Cohen and Amir Yoffe and has raised a total of $53.5 million in funding over four rounds.

3. Dubit

A Leeds, UK-based company highlighted before by the Metaverse Insider, Dubit’s team of 100 professionals designs and develops massively interactive live events for the Metaverse, in Roblox, Minecraft and Core.

Founded in 1999 by Matthew Warneford, Dubit has over 20 years experience of in creating digital gaming worlds and experiences for global businesses and innovative startups.

So far, Dubit has raised $8 million in funding and has offices in the UK and the US.

4. Resolution Games

Resolution Games is a games studio led by some of the top minds in the industry, forging a world-class catalogue of titles that brings players into the richest VR and AR worlds possible. As one of the first studios dedicated solely to creating experiences for these platforms, Resolution Games’ titles rank among the top-rated and most downloaded games in the space. Games like Bait!, Acron: Attack of the Squirrels!, Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs, Wonderglade, and Narrows illustrate the innovative and immersive ways the studio is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Founded in 2015 by Tommy Palm, Martin Vilcans and Paul Brady, Resolution Games is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

To date, Resolution Games has raised a total of $38.5 million in funding over three rounds.

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