5 Gaming/Entertainment Startups Owning The Metaverse: Part 3

Image by Felix Lichtenfeld from Pixabay

5 Gaming/Entertainment Startups Owning The Metaverse: Part 3

Part three today of gaming and entertainment startups and companies that are responsible for the rise of the Metaverse powered by the Metaverse Insider. In case you missed out on the first part, here is the link to it.

1. Powder

Powder is a Paris-based startup whose app has been downloaded 2.5 million times. The Powder app took two years and 25 engineers to develop and combines game clips infrastructure tech across Powder’s existing iOS, Android, and PC for a seamless sourcing, editing, and sharing experience for gamers and creators.

With dreams of becoming the camera of the Metaverse, Powder was founded in 2018 by Barthélémy Kiss, Yannis M. and Stanislas Coppin and has raised a total of $17.2 million in funding over four rounds.

2. Koi Labs

Koi Labs aims to unlock the next-gen GameFi Metaverse economies by building the digital collectibles platform for virtual GameFi NFTs on multi chains.

Koi Metaverse (Koiverse) initially is a Fish Farming blockchain game that combines token economy and NFT assets. It consists of a series of smart contracts and a variety of NFT assets in the form of virtual fish. All of the in-game assets belong to its players.

Koi Network is a next-generation infrastructure for issuing, trading and liquifying GameFi NFTs from different chains like Ethereum, BSC, Polkadot etc. Koi is aimed at building a Metaverse dedicated to GameFi NFT assets.

The number of accumulated registered users in the previous games is over 50 million globally. Koi’s team is expert in innovative gaming mechanisms, sidechain implementation, tokenization economics, and decentralized wallet integration.

3. Horizon Blockchain Games

Based in Toronto, Horizon Blockchain Games was founded in 2017 by Peter Kieltyka, Ian Ha, William Hua, Daniel Racca, and Michael Sanders.

Building a new dimension where Internet economies are fun, accessible, and for the benefit of all participants, Horizon Blockchain Games’ Sequence — the first user-friendly smart wallet for crypto, NFTs, Web3 and the Metaverse is a developer platform to make building Web3 applications easy on Ethereum and other EVM chains; Skyweaver, on the other hand, is a digital trading card game — powered by Sequence — where players can win, own, trade and sell their NFT game items, are exciting products.

As far as financial considerations go, Horizon Blockchain Games has raised a total of $13.3 million in funding over three rounds.

4. Metabloqs

Metabloqs is a decentralized Metaverse to network, learn and play. Its team is building a unique virtual world where users can create, own and monetize their gaming metaverse experiences using the main utility token of the platform.

Based in Lucerne, Switzerland, Metabloqs was founded in 2020 by Megha Shrestha.

5. The Nemesis

The Nemesis is another Switzerland-based startup headquartered in Lugano. Founded in 2019 by Alessandro De Grandi and Riccardo Zanini, The Nemesis is a virtual reality Metaverse platform available via a desktop browser or mobile app (iOS and Android) that requires no special hardware and allows users to explore suggestive metaverses with avatars and participate in amazing experiences, including live events, concerts, parties, and fun challenges with friends.

The Nemesis has raised a total of $735K in funding over three rounds.

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