4 VR/AR Companies For The Metaverse: Part 19

This is — with great sorrow — the penultimate edition of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) companies powered by the Metaverse Insider. Haven’t read the first one yet? Here’s the link to it to get you started.

1. Genius Ventures

Genius Ventures specializes in the use of tomorrow’s technology to help businesses connect with their customers in a more meaningful way and increase business results.

Believing that in a future where augmented reality will bring people closer together and help brands connect on a deeper level with their consumers, Genius Ventures’ team of world-class developers and artists has allowed the company to create forward-thinking experiences for the world’s biggest brands.

Based in Los Angeles, California, Genius Ventures was founded in 2016 by Navjeet Chhina.


Another company based in the City of Angels, INDE develops award-winning interactive and immersive products and experiences in advertising, entertainment and education.

Developing the use of emerging technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, motion capture and computer vision to create next-generation platforms that change the way people interact with content, INDE was founded in 2011. Since that time, it has launched award-winning systems on every continent for clients such as AMEX, 20th Century Fox, National Geographic, Coca-Cola, Smithsonian Museum, Universal Studios, BBC Worldwide, GE, and Guinness Book of World Records amongst others.

3. Closeloop Technologies

Closeloop Technologies is a software product development firm based in Mountain View, California. Founded in 2011 by Assim Gupta, it helps bring customers’ ideas to life by assisting them to develop digital solutions with cutting-edge technologies backed by professional expertise and skills.

Functioning as a technology partner to build, innovate, and scale custom-built apps, web or mobile, Closeloop Technologies can depend on more than three decades of experience in creating groundbreaking digital products.

It serves clients wanting to build mobile apps, websites, web applications, enterprise solutions, eCommerce apps, or products powered by new-age technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, IoT, and Wearable and provides full-stack software development services to a range of industries, including Finance & Banking, Travel, Transportation, Automotive, Healthcare & Fitness, Retail & B2B, Real Estate & Property, Food & Restaurant, Education & eLearning, eCommerce, and Gaming.

4. Ikarus 3D

Ikarus 3D started life in the college dorm room of its founder, Ishan Kumar Giddu, in 2018. Based in Punjab, India, Ikarus 3D became a reliable partner for some of the biggest companies in the AR, VR, XR, and WebAR industry and is home to dozens of 3D artists, driven to use their art to bring you AR and VR ready 3D models, Photorealistic 3D models, models from Photogrammetry as well as 3D scan cleanups, and 3D file optimization.

Ikarus 3D’s expertise lies in designing customized 3D models that are premium, lightweight in terms of file size, and low-poly, with minimum turnaround time.

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