President of BSV Pressures Meta to Keep Data For its Metaverse on Public Blockchain


President of BSV Pressures Meta to Keep Data For its Metaverse on Public Blockchain

Jimmy Nguyen, President of BSV Association — the only blockchain project following the original protocol, design and “Satoshi Vision” of Bitcoin’s creator Satoshi Nakamoto — urges Meta not to keep data within their own servers, as he believes storing the data on a public blockchain would be the preferable option.

Still in its prelaunch stage, Meta’s project got people in the community excited when it was announced at the back end of 2021 by Facebook’s co-founder, Mark Zuckerberg.

Speaking to Cointelegraph in an exclusive interview, Nguyen gave his two cents on that dream of an interoperable metaverse ecosystem where everything sits in a public blockchain.

“I hope Facebook/Meta take an approach of creating a Metaverse where they build the environment but do not uniquely store your identity and data on their own servers,” said Nguyen, also highlighting that Meta could become an interface that connects a blockchain to companies’ metaverse apps.

He also added that such a strategy would entail a scalable blockchain that can handle large amounts of transactions and data.

“A successful metaverse requires a lot of data, Nguyen went on, “therefore, metaverse projects can benefit from integration with a blockchain with massive scale, data capacity and low fees.”

Nguyen, however, offered a solution to the problem: his own BSV blockchain, believing it may have a part to play in the metaverse in regard to payments and as a base ledger for all the data files necessary for projects that wish to build metaverses.

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