3 Venture Capital/Angel Investors Pumping Money Into The Metaverse: Part 1

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

3 Venture Capital/Angel Investors Pumping Money Into The Metaverse: Part 1

The Metaverse is hot right now. And because it is, venture capital  (VC) funds and angel investors see an opportunity to be part of an exciting metaverse future while making an honest dollar or two in the process.

As the Metaverse Insider is part of this, we thought it appropriate to highlight some of those around investing in startups whose direction is focused on the world of Web3. This could be blockchain, NFTs, virtual reality, (VR) or gaming — some have large company portfolios, others smaller ones, but no less interesting.

Over this series, we will call attention to the venture capital and angel investors creating their own reality in the metaverse that is outside reality.

And who knows? Maybe in the future, one of these investors will have funded a company that becomes a Unicorn success story.

1. BITKRAFT Ventures

BITKRAFT Ventures is a global investment platform that focuses on Seed, Series A and Series B investments in game studios, gaming platforms and gaming-related technology.

Based in Denver, Colorado, the company was founded in 2017 by founding general partners and serial entrepreneurs Jens Hilgers, Malte Barth and Scott Rupp.

With a portfolio that includes Alethea AI, a startup building a scalable AI infrastructure for NFTs and Bright Star Studios, whose Free-to-play Sandbox MMORPG Game is on Ethereum, BITKRAFT Ventures leverages its global presence and strategic network to maximum effect.

2. Play Ventures

Play Ventures is a new games VC founded by games entrepreneurs, investing globally in games and game services startups. Based in Singapore, it was founded in 2018 by founding partners Henric Suuronen and Harri Manninen.

Investing early into the most promising free-to-play and Web3 game studios and games services startups from across the globe, Play Ventures strives to help ambitious and passionate entrepreneurs create the next $100M+ gaming powerhouse.

Play Ventures’ portfolio of companies includes Bigger Games, First Light Games, FunCraft, and MondayOff.

3. Fabric Ventures

Fabric Ventures backs the founders of the Open Economy and invests in builders, businesses and digital assets from inception to scaling.

Backed by OpenOcean and Firestartr, the company is building on OpenOcean’s peerless open-source pedigree and Firestartr’s background in seed investing and blockchain focus, and is backing the boldest projects forming the foundation of the ‘Open Economy’.

Based in Luxembourg, Fabric Ventures was founded in 2012 by Anastasia Belyaeva, Max Mersch and Richard Muirhead.

Funding Pre-seed, Seed, Series A and B investments, Fabric Ventures has a stable of startups such as Trailblazer Games, Concept Art House and Verisart to name just three.

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