BLVCK Paris Sells Out Mint Supply Within Hours of Web3 Launch

BLVCK Paris is a cult classic clothing brand. On May 6th, 2022, BLVCK Paris announced their immersive metaverse experience, entitled “BLVCK Genesis.” This experience features physical and digital fashion and events. BLVCK launched 9,999 Avatars for the BLVCK Universe. This luxury clothing brand is known for its articles to be launched in black clothing. Julian O’hayon, the creator of BLVCK Paris, leveraged social media to sell his clothing and promote his brand. O’hayon has decided to leverage social media and stick with a darker theme to expand his brand into web 3.

This new immersive web furthers the evolution of how users can control and own their creations and online content. The owners will be able to hold physical items in the real world and digital objects in the metaverse from the same brand. Both the technologies of web3 and the “Blvck Genesis” metaverse uplift each other as web3 provides a decentralized platform for the creativity and connectivity of a metaverse to thrive.

Within this new phase, BLVCK released special features such as
● A full web3 implementation on
● Holders will be able to connect their wallets to unlock Blvck Alpha Membership.
● Holders of Blvck Alpha Membership will get discounts on & in-store, limited edition
physical products and fashion collaborations, and regular airdrops.
● First access to WL spots for identified high-potential collections, AMA’s with well-known entrepreneurs, founders & artists of the NFT Space and also from reputable Web2 brands

Additionally, BLVCK Paris partnered with legendary artists Chris Brown and Kodak Black to celebrate the new expansion. These acclaimed performers took their step into the blockchain by “BLVCK’ing” out their avatars.

About BLVCK Paris: The project is led by Blvck Paris, a global lifestyle fashion brand founded in 2017 by French designer, Julian O’hayon, endorsed and supported by an engaged community with millions of social media followers and customers worldwide. BLVCK is known for its ‘All Black’ clothing, accessories and digital goods. It strives to pioneer an aspirational lifestyle pursuing quality and design from visual content to merchandise. In 2021, the brand opened stores worldwide in Tokyo, Miami, Taipei, Taichung, Hong Kong and Macau and collaborated with tech giant CASETiFY. In the NFT space, Blvck previously introduced three NFT drops on MakersPlace and held an event on Decentraland.


Wazarat Ali Hussain

Wazarat Ali Hussain

Wazarat Ali Hussain is a Finance graduate from Toronto Metropolitan University and has achieved a certification in Financial Technology from the University of Toronto. While working at a financial institution, he developed a keen interest in the emerging blockchain and virtual reality sectors. At the Metaverse Insider, Waz has led research and analysis for the Metaverse Intelligence Platform. He has published various reports and in-depth researched backed articles to help the audience understand numerous aspects of the fast-evolving metaverse industry.

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