Ashley Longshore Announces NFT Taking Greatest Men Into Metaverse

Winston Bee, Ashley Longshore Chapter 2 NFT

Ashley Longshore Announces NFT Taking Greatest Men Into Metaverse

PRESS RELEASE — NEW YORK, June 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Self-taught mixed media artist, author and entrepreneur, Ashley Longshore, announces ‘It’s a Man’s World,’ the highly collectible complementary NFT release of men’s work following her genesis collection, ‘Roar!’ composed of her ladies. Inspired by Longshore’s greatest paintings of men, from the Presidents to Lil Wayne, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and even Jesus Christ himself, Chapter Two collectively builds on the foundation told by the globally recognized Longshore, building the spark of life and gearing up for the next phase of her NFT portfolio.

Comprised of a total of 1,500 NFTs, ‘It’s a Man’s World’ will be minted and released on Monday, June 6, 2022, with presale availability on Sunday, June 5, and will be comprised of ERC-721 NFT tokens each featuring one unique digital variation of Ashley Longshore’s most celebrated men’s paintings. Each will have varying rarity depicting different individuals from the collection. One lucky individual will mint a special Chapter Two NFT that will be accompanied by a 12×12 physical commissioned piece painted by Ashley. Two additional rare NFTs will grant the holder an Ashley Longshore physical painting. Additionally, buyers of this collection will be rewarded with early access to purchase the next chapter of NFTs by Ashley Longshore, avoiding increased transaction fees (increased ETH gas prices due to high demand), as well as eligibility for future art, merchandise and giveaways.

Longshore made her announcement via Discord directing fans to her newly improved website, which combines Ashley Longshore’s digital and physical worlds.

Longshore’s depiction of men in pop culture takes a playful spin on the serious and often controversial political figure, making them approachable and humorous. This very animated throng of gentlemen bursts with enthusiasm and liveliness taking this chapter of NFTs to the next level of desirable.

All 1,500 NFTs will be available for purchase through Ashley Longshore’s website using credit card or Ethereum, per the buyer’s preference. Ashley has partnered with Minotaur Labs to ensure a smooth and successful minting experience for all collectors.

“Chapter one and two collectively build the foundation of a story I am telling to create the spark of life and gear up for the next phase of my NFT portfolio.” ~ Ashley Longshore

About Ashley Longshore

A self-taught mixed media artist, author and entrepreneur, Longshore has built an empire in the art world. As a powerhouse artist and pioneer in social media marketing, she has exploded into a global brand and used her platform to encourage positivity and authenticity. Dubbed by The New York Times as “Fashion’s Latest Art Darling,” Longshore has paved a colorful path for pop art and fashion to coexist.

About Minotaur Labs

Minotaur Labs is an end-to-end NFT solution for artists, brands and creators. Utilizing its proprietary software, Minotaur Labs provides a vertically-integrated platform for NFT production and distribution, enabling brands and creatives to build Web3 operating systems and large-scale projects on the blockchain. Uniquely differentiated, Minotaur Labs provides integrated marketing support to ensure its partners enter the metaverse safely enjoying a turn-key experience today, while building the infrastructure for tomorrow.

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