3 Venture Capital/Angel Investors Pumping Money Into The Metaverse: Part 2


3 Venture Capital/Angel Investors Pumping Money Into The Metaverse: Part 2

It’s time now for part two of venture capital and/or angel investors with a deep interest in the Metaverse. In case you missed the first one in the series, here is the link to it.

1. Rocket Capital

Rocket Capital is a VC fund focusing on New Media Technology startups globally. Based in St Albans, the UK, its focus is to invest in pre-Series A, Series A and Series B companies and help founders scale in Asia.

Rocket Capital was founded in 2020 and is led by Managing Partner, Akarsh Dhaiya. To date, the VC’s portfolio includes Eloelo, India’s largest Creator-led Live Social Video Platform.

2. Hartmann Capital

Based in Miami, Florida, and founded by Managing Partner, Felix Hartmann, Hartmann Capital is a frontier-tech investment firm, seeking out opportunities to produce global paradigm shifts, such as digital assets, VR/AR, AI, space, and transhumanism.

In early 2018 Hartmann Capital launched its inaugural long-biased multi-strategy crypto asset hedge fund, Hartmann Digital Assets. The fund is renowned for its thematic, event-driven, and activist investing in the digital asset space.

Since 2020 Hartmann Capital runs a pure prop arm, Hartmann Ventures, which has made long term investments in both digital assets and space tech (Starbridge, Space Capital, Axiom, Lynk)

In November 2021 Hartmann Capital launched its second fund, Hartmann Metaverse Ventures I, a pure metaverse venture fund, focused on investing in the infrastructure, content, and access points of the metaverse.

Companies in its Metaverse portfolio include Redpill VR, SubPac and Playible as investors.

3. Double Peak Group

Double Peak Group is a family office focused on digital asset and blockchain investments, founded by Galen Law-Kun.

As one of the first family offices based out of Asia focused on digital assets, Double Peak Group has been deeply entrenched in the crypto space since 2017.

Double Peak adopts a philosophy of value investing and making key investments with a long-time horizon in early funding rounds and secondary markets. The ultimate vision is to bridge cutting-edge decentralized technologies between China and international markets.

Its team consists of talented people with institutional backgrounds. Namely, investment banking, private equity, venture capital and entrepreneurship.

Double Peak has invested in a multitude of areas including asset management, banking and payments, cross-chain platforms, CeFi-DeFi bridges, infrastructure protocols, investment funds, gaming/GameFi, NFTs, Privacy/Security, the Metaverse, as well as trading and exchanges.

Its gaming and Metaverse portfolio has names such as Infinigods, Blast Royale, Metakey, and Thirdwave Systems.

James Dargan

James Dargan

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