4 Companies Influencing The Web3 Paradigm: Part 1

Image by emrahkarakas from Pixabay

4 Companies Influencing The Web3 Paradigm: Part 1

We’re at a new crossroads in human technological innovation, with the birth of Web3, a universe — or should I say Metaverse — that leverages the power of blockchain and cryptocurrencies to take us away from the traditional comfort of the Internet to something rather more complex but equally exciting.

In celebration of this, the Metaverse Insider will detail over several instalments many of the startups and more mature commercial enterprises making this a reality.

1. L+R

L+R is an international consultancy and design and technology studio founded in Brooklyn, New York in 2012 by Alex Levin and Ryan Riegner.

Working with clients to create value and impact with the balance of strategy and aesthetics, L+R’s interdisciplinary design and technology team works with individuals, organizations and businesses on seamless digital experience projects within strategic consulting, next-generation mobile applications, Web3 projects, and brand systems.

Its Web3 and Blockchain work focuses on prototyping, design research and smart contract development, technical viability analysis, NFT and DAO innovation workshops, and applied imagination sessions.

With clients that include Louis Vuitton, The Estée Lauder Companies, GE, Amazon, Hilton Worldwide, Google, and Footlocker, L+R has offices in Barcelona, Los Angeles and Milan to add to its headquarters in Brooklyn.

2. Agency Coda

Agency Coda is a multi-award-winning custom software development, UXUI and 3D design and animation agency that designs, develops, scales and support top-notch digital solutions including in Blockchain, the Metaverse, gaming, NFTs, mobile, web, desktop, wearables and IoT for its customers worldwide.

Based in Miami, Florida, Agency Coda was founded in 2019 by Francisco Michelich, Matias Camiletti and Juan Bidondo.

3. Hexa

Hexa is the world’s first Immersive OS, delivering a powerful 3D tech stack to create, manage, display and analyze clients’ 3D projects. Aware new metaverses are appearing, NFTs in commerce, synthetic data, and more, Hexa wants to be at the forefront of innovation in Web3.

Hexa’s customers, which include Macy’s, Logitech, Crate & Barrel, and Unity, use Hexa’s technology to lower visualization costs, increase sales, improve customer acquisition costs, and globally display/distribute their immersive content.

Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Hexa was founded in 2015 by Yehiel Atias, Ran Buchnik and Jonathan Clark.

4. Computecoin

Computecoin provides rich, low-cost, low-latency, and trustworthy computing and storage power for Web3 and Metaverse applications.

Empowering a wide range of compute-intensive tasks, including 3D rendering, machine learning, crypto mining, complex calculations, NLP, and dApp development, among others, Computecoin has tailored its services to suit the needs of diverse users, including VR/AR developers, AI engineers and teams, metaverse end users, NFT collectors, and Defi platforms, just to name a few.

Computecoin’s patented consensus algorithm, Proof of Honesty (PoH), ensures the authenticity of outsourced computing results and fosters trust and accountability among the Computecoin community.

Computecoin was founded in 2021 by Max (Chong) Li and is headquartered in NYC.

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