Meishu is the Top Dog of GameFi: Here’s Why

As the NFT market rapidly diversifies, projects are continuing to innovate on their NFTs to make them stand out from the crowd, which comes in the form of utility derived from the metaverse. 

But what do we mean by metaverse utility? 

Well, a project’s ability to offer more than just a single experience, for example, gaming, but rather a much wider set of experiences all tied up in online ecosystems in the form of metaverses. 

Meishu is one of these projects. It aims to bring the idea of GameFi to the masses at a low cost of entry. It is one of the first projects to enable players to earn with limited investment. 

Originally starting as just the Top Dog NFTs, Meishu quickly developed into a market-leading token and p2e battle royale game based on mavericks:

“We were thinking of how we could introduce a play-to-earn game and jet fighting game, and it sort of evolved from top dog, which is the whole like, Mavericks theme, and evolved into Meishu, which means leader/chief. And then we’re like, okay, we want to be leaders in the NFT space with a gaming utility,” says Cyril Babalola from Meishu.

 However, unlike most NFT games on the market, Meishu takes pride in its battle royale gameplay mechanics, graphics, and motion of control, putting quality gameplay,  fun, and player feedback above everything else: 

“The biggest thing is to make the game as fun as possible. I think that’s how you get lasting users and build a strong community, keep them updated regularly, and then involve them in the gaming process.”

“So unlike other games that just build with their team, we ask for help. We ask for advice about how they want the game and how the community wants it, and then we build it together.”


Something Meishu wants to continue to do in the future by meeting deadlines and being transparent with its community:

“I believe in just staying as transparent as possible. And keeping them updated along the way would definitely help. And then just making sure that you’re meeting targets. I think that’s a big thing in cryptocurrency.“

“Many projects say we have this idea, but they don’t meet the targets. And then the community kind of gets scared or doubtful about the whole process and longevity of the project, and then they pull away.” 

Of course, Cyril is completely right. Far too often, web3 projects not only lack transparency but fail to meet deadlines in light of investment from their community, which needs to change. In the future, Meishu looks to implement AR technology as well as a slew of other features. 

Thus, Meishu is leading by example in creating a web3 game that puts player experiences first and makes GameFi accessible to all. Therefore, Meishu really is the Top Dog of GameFi. You can find out more information about the project here.

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