Giant Propeller is Growing the Web3 Brands of Tomorrow Through Expert Marketing


Giant Propeller is Growing the Web3 Brands of Tomorrow Through Expert Marketing

Currently, in the web3 space, brands are ditching their marketing before going to market. Due to the monetary hype associated with NFTs and cryptocurrency, most projects think making a quick buck first will benefit them down the line.

However, this strategy is failing due to intense market saturation. Thus there is a need to implement proper marketing strategies. No longer can the hype of the market float an idea.

Therefore, survival of the fittest is in full effect. To survive in such a competitive market, you need a marketing agency, but not any old one, an agency that understands both web2 and web3 in full effect and the differences between them, which is where Giant Propeller comes in.

Giant Propeller’s mission is to grow the emerging brands of tomorrow. The agency aligns itself with innovators, market disruptors, and emerging brands to drive growth. Giant Propeller uses its highly seasoned knowledge of web2 and web3 to shape companies while harnessing their business models to generate organic growth and results.

Helmed by the creators of Lil Dicky’s famed music video Pillow Talk, Jordan Freda, and Mike Bodkin lead Giant Propeller, using their wealth of experience in the producing world to market companies worldwide. Both Jordan and Mike have also worked on blockbuster movies such as Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers.

Growing the Brands of Tomorrow

The creative geniuses of both Bodkin and Freda and their team of marketing experts have been leveraged in the web2 space for nearly a decade with Giant Propeller. Giant Propeller has helped market web2 brands such as L’AGENCE, Goorin Bros, MeUndies, Sprayground, and Nike. Now the agency looks to web3 to expand its impact and innovation.

Currently, the agency has worked with top web3 companies such as Gemini, Infinite World, and Expopulus, taking these labels to new heights. Thus, Giant Propeller is a powerhouse marketing agency and is the strongest marketing resource any web3 brand could ask for, especially in the current competitiveness of the market.

Giant Propeller enables you to focus on other elements of your brand, while the agency handles the marketing entirely. The agency treats your business as their own, working with company leaders to scale projects seamlessly.

Check out this insightful video below explaining how the agency works.


Final Thoughts

As the web3 space becomes more saturated and competitive, professional marketing is needed to elevate companies/projects above the rest. Giant Propeller offers expert marketing that leans on web2 and web3 experience to generate seamless growth for companies and projects. Check out Giant Propeller today, and take your web3 project to the next level.

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