Greek Startup BlockPegnio “Working Towards a New Era For The Gaming Industry


Greek Startup BlockPegnio “Working Towards a New Era For The Gaming Industry

Guess what happens when you combine blockchain-focused innovation whose intent is to disrupt the video gaming industry?

Not a clue?

Then I’ll tell you — you get BlockPegnio, an Athens-based startup founded in 2019 by Savvas Lazopoulos. Producing high-quality gaming experiences for the mainstream market while — at the same time — leveraging its technical stack and expertise to onboard talented game developers and help them reap the benefits of blockchain technology, BlockPegnio’s offers:

• True Digital Ownership

• Decentralised Game Economies

• Immutable Game Actions

• Next-gen Blockchain Games

• Interoperable Digital Worlds

• Play-to-Earn Paradigm

BlockPegnio can boast games like The Six Dragons, the world’s first Blockchain-powered (running on Ethereum network) Open World RPG, where players can “discover 256km2 of Open-World full of surprises, craft items that you truly own and participate in a player-owned, decentralized economy with real-world value.”

Most Blockchain games are limited to trading in-game items for cryptocurrency, which can then be exchanged for money, so Blockpegnio must be applauded for bringing the industry to the next level.

And if that wasn’t enough, BlockPegnio has developed partnerships with Sony Playstation, Enjin, Ethereum, Chainlink, and the Blockchain Gaming Alliance, giving credence that what the startup is doing must be taken seriously by the wider audience — both other stakeholders and participants — of the coming Metaverse and Web3 reality.

Speaking in 2019 to Markets Insider, BlockPegnio’s Founder and CEO Lazopoulos said:

“BlockPegnio is not a traditional game studio, but more of a blockchain-driven gaming innovation project. We formulated a team with a diverse set of expertise from the consulting and technology industries and not solely centred around gaming. We all share a passion for innovation in the industry, but we also see gaming as an adoption proxy for blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Hence our team goes beyond the boundaries of a traditional gaming studio.”

BlockPegnio is at the cutting-edge of innovation in the space. As we move away from the old technological world and shift our focus to this new realm, where games, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and virtual reality (VR) are aligned within the Blockchain, we are definitely going to see more initiatives similar to BlockPegnio making their mark.

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