Metaverse Startup Awards Received 150 Candidates, With Top-Tier Investors as Mentors and Judges


Metaverse Startup Awards Received 150 Candidates, With Top-Tier Investors as Mentors and Judges

PRESS RELEASE — PARIS, June 14, 2022 /METAVERSE SUMMIT/ — The Global Metaverse Startup awards is a contest and advisory program to showcase the next generation of Metaverse builders and entrepreneurs. It is the occasion for investors to meet and present metaverse projects with high potential. The startup pitch, judging, and mentoring session will be open to investors who have purchased a Metaverse Summit Investor Pass.

Companies, start-ups, and projects will be presented at the exhibition hall which will provide an opportunity to build connections and find business opportunities.

Investors will have an opportunity to meet the Metaverse Startup Competition winners, providing an opportunity to learn more about metaverse-related innovators and talents. We have a space devoted to networking during the conference. An exclusive party will be organized for speakers, sponsors, and VIP ticket holders.

Explore and Build the Future

The Metaverse Summit will take people on a journey to discover and shape the future of the Metaverse. Builders, entrepreneurs, investors, and experts from 3D, VR, AR, Web3, and beyond shall participate in the summit. We believe that the most independent way to develop the fertile and decentralized future of the Metaverse is to share and transmit knowledge.

Working On Metaverse Startup Awards

Metaverse Summit invites you to apply for your start-up and project. The startup will be rated anonymously by a panel of top investors, protocols, and OGs to select the best winning startups and initiatives.

The winning projects will introduce their start-ups during the “Metaverse Pitch Day” section during the event. Having won, start-ups will receive a booth which will be their speaking space, and the possibility to secure financing. At the Metaverse Summit in Paris, there’s going to be a Metaverse Pitch Day for start-ups. This is the perfect moment to unveil your Metaverse project.

International Impact and Importance

It is important internationally as a result of the following characteristics:

  • Users and businesses can explore, generate, socialize and actively participate in much knowledge in UGC-based social environments.
  •  Digital property concerns users’ information and individuality and how to generate, store, sell, defend and manage digital assets such as digital products and currencies.
  • Continuous real-time links in integrated virtual and often three-dimensional simulation studies and surroundings, as well as the technologies used to access and interact with the Metaverse.
  • Print and virtual coexist and exchange messages, including VR, AR, and all formats from virtual worlds for the creation of new environments and visualizations.

The first Metaverse Summit, a two-day virtual event exploring the upcoming wave of Web3, is now open for enrollment. Hear the opinions of decision-makers, disruptors, and industry leaders pushing the boundaries of the modern electronic environment.

Participants will be able to engage and acquire knowledge of some of the most well-known figures and players in the Metaverse space. This summit is among the first of its kind.

It will shed light on the deep conversations about the foundation that is being produced today for the Metaverse of the future, discussions about virtual games and identities within the virtual world to discussions regarding the use of blockchain technology, AR, 3D, VR, art, layout, and architectural style to generate unparalleled experiences in the Metaverse.

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