Exploding CryptoPunk offers NFTs for all – by Unique Network

cryptopunk 3042

Exploding CryptoPunk offers NFTs for all – by Unique Network

Unique Network purchases cryptopunk to showcase the value of multichain NFTs and fractionalization, plans to distribute to tens of thousands for free

Unique Network, an NFT infrastructure project on Polkadot, has purchased Cryptopunk #3042. It will fractionalize this single and popular NFT into a hundred thousand pieces, in order to demonstrate the value of blockchain interoperability. Cryptopunks, the original pfp project that brought billions to the NFT market, have held their status as the ‘genesis’ crypto art of blockchain technology, which proved the utility of NFTs to the global economy.

While very popular, CryptoPunks have also come to epitomise the inaccessibility and unsustainability surrounding Ethereum.

Unique Network is poised to make a huge leap to show that Etherueum is not the only platform and moreover NFTs purchased on Ethereum can be ported to other accessible, transactionless and carbon neutral plaforms.

“Three years ago when we started Unique Network, it was with a vision to bring the tools needed for the worldwide mass adoption of NFTs. With this campaign, we are showing to the world new ownership models by showing them something radical and paradigm-shifting. We are taking the globally recognized Cryptopunks and democratizing access to them,” said Unique Network CEO, Alexander Mitrovich.

The fractionalization of high-value assets is common in traditional markets for things like housing, cars, and shares. This enables an investor to expose their portfolio to an expensive asset without having to own it outright, and allows for individuals to share in the risk/reward of dividing an asset that is volatile.

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