FYX Gaming & its Dream of a Decentralized, Permissionless & Open Metaverse


FYX Gaming & its Dream of a Decentralized, Permissionless & Open Metaverse

Who Dares Wins

Become the AWS of blockchain gaming”, now there’s a big ask. To do it, you’d need a lot of balls, talent and ultimate drive — and then still you could fail. But, as in the SAS’s motto of “Who Dares Wins”, you only get to the destination if you walk there, and that’s so ingrained into the philosophy of one game studio, FYX Gaming (formerly Kronoverse), founded with one goal in mind: to provide scalable infrastructure for the Metaverse. The seed of the idea came when the founders “realized Ethereum/Enjin was a dead-end technology with scaling issues and could finally start imagining how esports and competitive gaming could be in the future using Bitcoin SV.”

Based in Cary, North Carolina and set up in 2018 by Adam Kling and David Case, FYX Gaming’s strategy is to create a Decentralized, Permissionless and Open Metaverse Protocol to enable participants to quickly, efficiently and affordably transact within game economies without fragmenting the ecosystem.

The team believes that “Layer one gaming” is not only possible but is also the avenue in building the future paradigm, one where Blockchain games will be popular across the board.

The startup’s six-point plan for building the new Metaverse is thus:

1. Insanely Small Fees

In most blockchains, there is very limited space for transactions, so only the ones that pay the most are included in the blocks. The BSV block size is not capped, so there isn’t any competition for block space

2. Storing All Data on Layer One

Other solutions are not able to store large amounts of data on-chain, so they have to store images/assets with non-blockchain solutions, such as web servers/IPFS forever. We host everything on layer one, skipping all third-party hosting services

3. NFT Assets

Creating NFTs that provide functionality within a metaverse context will be better than ever when you have a suite of tools to provide your application to utilize those NFTs. Identity, Digital Assets, Digital Property, Royalties, and more

4. Limitless Scaling

The Metaverse will require infrastructure that can massively scale to support billions of users putting data on chain in milliseconds. FYX Gaming uses symbiotic technologies to achieve the infrastructure needed to create immense value for  users with transparency, decentralization, immutability, and digital property rights

5. Free APIs & SDKs for Developers

The metaverse will need an open and permissionless protocol for content creators to access and build this new world. FYX Gaming will be releasing API and SDKs to allow an easy way for the world to utilize a metaverse protocol

6. Environmentally Friendly

BSV offers a very low environmental impact and a minimal carbon footprint. Read more about Bitcoin SV’s sustainability model here

Another boon for the startup is its Gaming Platform, whose origins came from the idea CryptoFights — the first game to be released on the platform, a turn-based fighting game based on D&D mechanics that will demonstrate that gaming and esports can be transformed with BSV by offering players game integrity, ownable items, cash tournaments, and eventually the Metaverse — could be used across other industries such as eSports, providing a universal solution to the fragmentation of the industry and legacy technologies used.

Adam Kling is the startup’s CEO and Founder. An entrepreneur with over twenty years of experience in building various successful projects in the performance marketing industries, he has been following blockchain technologies ever since 2013 when bitcoin dominated the headlines and trying to find that perfect fit of technology and market fit. He believes a combination of competitive gaming and bitcoin opens up new worlds — new worlds he intends to take on with a passion.

FYX Gaming’s other Co-founder is David Case, the startup’s Chief Architect, self-professed “Bitcoin nerd” and software architect with a passion for decentralized applications, crypto-economics and blockchain technologies.

To assist the company on its Metaverse journey is the $1 million it has raised in funding since 2018, as well as the reliable partners working with them such as Bitcoin SV, CoinGeek, nChain, Zenescope Entertainment, not to mention venture capital firm VENTEK and others.

It’s exciting times for the world of Web3 and FYX Gaming. The Metaverse Insider hopes to hear more from them in the very near future.

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