New VR Platform eyeora Brings The Metaverse to The Masses

PRESS RELEASE — LONDON, June 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Virtual reality (VR) technology company, eyeora, today launched a ground-breaking social VR platform to bring the metaverse to the masses by making it easier, cheaper and quicker for anyone to create, share and monetize VR content and experiences.

The platform, comprised of an app and turnkey creative studio*, has been built specifically for non-technical people, empowering everyone to become VR content creators. With no technical skills or coding expertise required, users can now create, edit and share their own VR content in minutes, using simple drag and drop functionality to auto-sync multiple camera angles and save time and money on post-production.

The only self-managed monetization platform in the metaverse, eyeora enables anyone to generate income and sustain a career in the metaverse. Content creators, artists, entertainers, influencers, athletes, businesses and brands can create their own 3D life-like avatar, customized VR rooms, 360 video content, and host high-quality, immersive VR events and experiences in the metaverse, with the ability to publish content directly to eyeora’s social VR app and to multiple headsets.

Daniel Corazzi, CEO and Founder of eyeora, comments: “The birth of the metaverse means we’re going to see a paradigm shift in how consumers and businesses share content, socialize and communicate with each other in more immersive ways. eyeora not only provides a destination for people to enjoy immersive entertainment experiences and events, but an easy and affordable way for everyone to create, share and monetise content in the metaverse.”

Users of the platform comprise of ‘creators’ and ‘explorers’ (fans). Creators can use eyeora’s turnkey studio to build, personalize and monetize VR rooms and events via subscriptions, pay-per-view or advertising. Explorers can participate in free and ticketed immersive events, socialize with friends in virtual hangout rooms, attend corporate training, have a backstage sporting experience, or attend a music concert in the metaverse in the eyeora hologram stadium. Unlike other VR platforms, with eyeora explorers are always guaranteed a front-row seat and VIP treatment, enabling them to get closer to the music and events they love.

eyeora has the backing of high-profile entrepreneurs in the tech, music and entertainment industries, including former Spice Girls manager Chris Herbert; Tech Top 100 Entrepreneur Richard Pursey; and John Revell, co-creator of Ginger Media alongside Chris Evans. Artists and companies already using the platform include CeeLo Green, Ro James, Bridget Sarai, Dontae Winslow, Avehre and the BBC.

The platform can be accessed through an iOS or Android mobile app, PC desktop or VR headset. VR content creators can create and manage content using the eyeora studio on a computer, while those consuming the content can verbally chat and move around freely in the metaverse using a mobile VR insert headset or growing number of standalone VR headsets. Basic access is free with advanced subscriptions for creators starting at £9.99 a month. To learn more, watch the video here.

Notes to editors

*The eyeora creative studio consists of:

  • A 3D room editor enabling creators to customise their own VR rooms by uploading digital assets or copying and pasting URLs from online channels.
  • A 360 content editor enabling creators to upload and create 3D 360 video experiences by simply dragging and dropping hotspots in their videos to create a sequence.
  • A hologram editor enabling creators to create and place multiple holograms in their VR Room zones and sync with presentations.
  • A stadium editor enabling creators to create their own immersive concert experience including holograms, stage lighting, cinema screens and crowd animations.
  • Event manager enabling creators can create free or pay-per-view events and manage attendance and revenue with other creators or partners.

About eyeora
eyeora is a ground-breaking technology company that is redefining how virtual reality (VR) content is created, shared, experienced and monetized. Driven by a passionate belief in the power of VR to enhance everyday life, eyeora’s platform makes the metaverse an affordable, safe and accessible space for everyone to experience and sustain a career in.

The only self-managed monetization platform in the metaverse, eyeora’s turnkey studio provides entertainers, athletes, brands, rights holders, influencers, businesses and educators with all the tools they need to create, share and monetize content quickly, easily and cost-efficiently, with no technical skills needed. More information can be found here.

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