4 Companies Influencing The Web3 Paradigm: Part 4


4 Companies Influencing The Web3 Paradigm: Part 4

Here is part four of companies influencing Web3 and its tremendous growth, powered by the Metaverse Insider. In case you missed the first instalment, here is the link to it to get you started.

1. Gusto Collective

Gusto Collective is Asia’s first BrandTech holding company — bringing the best businesses in technology and branding together to drive value and growth for brands through immersive and engaging customer experiences.

Gusto Collective is a leading player in determining the future of immersive customer experiences and high-impact communication products that are increasingly operating within the spheres of AR, the metaverse and NFTs.

Based in Hong Kong, the company was founded in 2020 by Aaron Lau, a technology and marketing veteran, and has around 200 full-time employees in Hong Kong, Shanghai and London. Gusto Luxe is focused on the Luxury and Premium sectors, Gusto Labs develops products in AR, VR, and more.

2. Xuver

Xuver is a Breda, the Netherlands-based self-service 3D communication platform to connect and engage with people in their own virtual space that was founded in 2017.

Host meetings, events, showrooms, a virtual clubhouse or online campus, or just a smooth place for your customers or community to share thoughts and ideas, XUVER combines collaborative tools like chat, audio and video calls with the engaging power of forums, review sites and immersive experience of VR meetings and 3D tours into one immersive virtual experience.

Xuver brings your ideas and ambitions to life by converting a user’s sketch, 2D drawing or 3D model into high-quality virtual environments, appealing images and sparkling video animations.

3. OBMeet

OBMeet is a nextgen video conferencing and Web3 messaging platform that allows users to have secured video conferences, multistream, gaming, messaging, video calls, voIP + SIP Integration, crypto wallet-to-wallet chats, payments, a DAO ledger, and lots more.

Based in London and founded in 2020 by Emmanuel Gabriel, OBMeet is building decentralized privacy-preserving communication protocols that protect metadata, partially as an ethical end goal and partially for business reasons, but also as a fundamental building block of decentralized applications. OBMeet will be the new protocol to handle transient messaging and video conference at scale.

The company believes this is a necessary cornerstone for enabling the mainstream adoption of DApps and could be the next major destination where global users engage, buy, sell, play, and work.

OBMeet will operate its entire platform using its native token, $OPBT, to embody all the principles of a DAO. Members will share a stake within the platform by investing in its token, allowing the community of users to govern itself while sharing content.

4. Pagarba Solutions

With headquarters in San Diego, California, Pagarba Solutions builds amazing immersive and secure products and solutions for Web3 with AI.

Pagarba Solutions was founded in 2018 by Peter Jamack and designs with ZKP, encryption, blockchain, cosmos, Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, and Cardano using smart contracts, NFTs, neural networks, and synthetic data,  and is one of the companies specializing in Web3, AI, computer vision, blockchain, and the IoT.

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