Metropolis World is the Metaverse We’ve Always Wanted: Here’s Why


Metropolis World is the Metaverse We’ve Always Wanted: Here’s Why

Metropolis World is a metaverse experience unlike any other. Founded by award-winning filmmaker, Rania Ajami, and renowned music producer, Rashid Ajami, Metropolis World bridges the gap between physical and digital realities to create an immersive world worthy of being called a metaverse.

In this article, we dive into the concept behind Metropolis World highlighting why and how it differentiates itself from other metaverses. 

An Open Metaverse 

Metropolis World was born out of the concept of an open metaverse, one that leans on the idea of interoperability to create a world that is accessible through digital and physical gateways. 

Thus, from the get-go, Metropolis World will be entirely interoperable, accessible, and exchangeable across multiple realms of interaction. Users will be able to experience the ecosystem through real-life physical events and across a multitude of different platforms. 

This virtual world will offer six cities that are filled with stories and lore offering a fully fleshed out and immersive journey unlike the empty lots of lands that are found in most current metaverse platforms. These narratives and the mythology are crafted by the Metropolis team who have over two decades of experience in world building and storytelling. 

Everything in Metropolis will be bespoke and individual, with every building and object being a uniquely hand-drawn one-of-one NFT with its own history and story. The team opted for non-generative art in order to build a unique and fantastical world that is distinct in every way. 

Of course, you might argue that other metaverses like the Sandbox also feature similar concepts such as interoperability. So what actually sets Metropolis apart? Well, quite a lot. 









A Metaverse Bespoke to the User 

Firstly, as mentioned, Metropolis World is a metaverse built from the ground up, with each building and object being entirely hand-drawn and bespoke with an NFT use case. Unlike other metaverse projects, none can claim to feature the same level of tailored detail and care.

Secondly, Metropolis World has been curated to solve a problem. That being, most metaverse worlds are purely theoretical or lack high-quality content. Simply, they do not consider the need to provide engaging environments that fit the user’s daily lifestyle. 

Metropolis seeks to solve this problem by using quality content, art design, and expert community facilitation to take its metaverse experience to the next level. Likewise, Metropolis’s rich lore and use of gamification ensure dynamic experiences that will engage its users for years to come.

To achieve this ambitious but deliverable metaverse experience, Metropolis World has an extensive roadmap split across four pillars. That being community events and experiences, marketplaces, rich content-driven stories and lore, and its gaming metaverse. 

Multilayered Utility with Metropolis NFTs

In the future, Metropolis World looks to introduce an immersive exhibition in partnership with contemporary art galleries from around the world. Likewise, the metaverse aims to develop its 3D virtual gaming world in collaboration with gaming industry professionals, all backed by its token $Clay.

$Clay will have its own multilayered utility within Metropolis, such as being able to buy and sell items in both the digital and physical worlds, such as Digi-Physical NFTs that enable NFT holders to access real-world and digital events through interoperability.

Backed by lead advisors such as American entrepreneur Billy Levy and founding citizens like the famed DJ and NFT enthusiast Steve Aoki, Metropolis World will transform the metaverse space.









Steve’s Playhouse

Quite frankly, it is shaping up to be the metaverse we have always wanted. Keep your eyes peeled for the project as it implements its upcoming roadmap over the next year.  For more information about Metropolis World, you can visit its Twitter and website

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