4 Companies Influencing The Web3 Paradigm: Part 7

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

4 Companies Influencing The Web3 Paradigm: Part 7

It’s time for part seven of the series powered by the Metaverse Insider on Web3-based startups, projects and companies. In case you missed the first part, here is the link to it to get you started.

1. Alpine

Based in San Diego, California, Alpine is a technology company founded in 2021 that specializes in digital asset development and brand migration into Web3 by connecting the dots between the digital and real worlds while, at the same time, shepherding brands into the Metaverse.

Alpine utilizes blockchain technology on behalf of customers to develop and manage digital portfolios, creates a customizable NFT strategy for brands to employ as a loyalty and/or marketing program and allows for brand migration into Web3. With its seasoned team of professionals across marketing, real estate, retail, and blockchain, the company can provide customers with a deeper knowledge of NFTs and the Metaverse.

2. Honeycomb Web3

Founded this year by Aneesha Reihana and Rekha Chopra, Honeycomb Web3, known as “Hcw3”, is a Singapore-based Web3-focused consortium comprising a full suite of consultancy and advisory business units led by domain experts from cross-industries such as banking, finance, infrastructure engineering, and telecommunications.

Honeycomb Web3 advises businesses to adopt and embark on digital transformation by learning about their legacy businesses to strategize a suitable web3 model for business continuity and sustainability.

In 2022, it positions its focus in the three strategic verticals of FinTech and DeFi, EdTech and Talent, and Smart Economy to address both the supply and the demand side to accelerate the adoption of Web3 for companies.

3. Fiat24

Fiat24 offers Swiss banking in the Metaverse, with its signature NFT identifying customers’ accounts with it.

Based in Zurich, Switzerland, Fiat24 was founded in 2018 by Yang Lan and is the first core banking system built entirely on blockchain and powered by smart contracts, offering clients multi-currency cash accounts that can be topped up by peers, through a bank transfer, and a crypto-to-fiat top-up. As Swiss Fintech License holders, it is also proud to be a member of the Swiss Fintech Association and to be featured on the CV Labs Top 50 Report.

4. Blockzero Labs

Blockzero Labs is a Web3 venture fund and development studio focused on launching innovative, original and experimental ideas into the decentralized world which includes being able to earn crypto for helping build, launch and scale startups.

Based in Austin, Texas Blockzero Labs was founded in 2019 by Zachary Dash.

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