FierceCrowd, NFT Project to Build Long Term Platform Providing Education for All

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FierceCrowd, NFT Project to Build Long Term Platform Providing Education for All

A collection of 1,500 handpicked NFTs minting on the 13th of July 2022. The project’s aim: using Web3 to create a positive impact in the real world.

In Web3, the more different an NFT is, the more unique, the more rare, and therefore, the more valuable.  Through their collection, FierceCrowd emphasizes this pattern. Making the people that are usually the most discriminated against, this time, be the most valued ones. With the inclusion of all skin tones, all hair types, a variety of styles of clothing as well as a wide range of accessories, the 1,500 NFT collection counts over 500 traits and attributes.

“Through this project, we’ve made it our goal to foster inclusive and engaging spaces. Open to all and made for all. As we say: made for the people, by the people.”

A Project for You. A Project for Good.

Built by a team of young creators, FierceCrowd was conceptualized to create a space for all. It is a project based on the foundations of diversity and inclusion and that’s goal is to create opportunities for those who may not have access to them.

At FierceCrowd, the team is focused on long term objectives rather than short term goals. They emphasize that during the current market situation it is essential to invest in similar projects that intend on creating long term value for their communities.

The project’s roadmap includes brand merch as well as a community wallet which involves combining the earnings of the initial sale in order to collectively invest in bigger (potentially blue chips) projects. FierceCrowd will also be purchasing land in the Metaverse where the holders will be able to meet and discuss further opportunities.

Mainly, the project will focus on contributing to the fields of education and human rights by collaborating with international organizations who will help assist those that need it most but also by creating their own channels of support such as by creating a platform connecting sponsors, schools/universities, and people who, for various reasons, lack access to education and the creation of a school through partnership with Build On.

The founder states, “Many people have had opportunities taken away from them for reasons that were not in their own hands: the political situation of the country they live(d) in, their financial circumstances, brain challenges, inability to finish their studies, and more […] We want to help those people reach doors they couldn’t before by connecting them innovatively.”

The Story Behind the Project

FierceCrowd’s platform objective was inspired by Mohammad Jabbur, a Syrian refugee who faced many difficulties, and who, despite adversity, managed to graduate from university in 2020 by connecting with a sponsor who helped him attend college. He will be joining the FierceCrowd team during and after the platform’s development.

For more information about this project, you can visit their website.

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