3 Venture Capital/Angel Investors Pumping Money Into The Metaverse: Part 8

Image by Anand Kze from Pixabay

3 Venture Capital/Angel Investors Pumping Money Into The Metaverse: Part 8

It’s time for part eight of venture capital and/or angel investors with a deep interest in the Metaverse powered by the Metaverse Insider. However, in case you missed the first one in the series, here is the link to it.

1. Aboa Advest

Aboa Advest is a family-owned investment company focusing on startups and other growth companies, based in Turku, Finland. Founded in 2015 by CEO and Founding Partner, Timo Ketonen, Aboa Advest is an active investor in Finnish startups and growth companies, and has made direct investments into startups as well as invested in two buyout funds and two startup funds with a focus on Deep Tech and Brand-driven VC investments, as well as applications in the Metaverse.

From the beginning of 2020, it has mainly invested in growth companies through the above-mentioned funds and some follow-up investments in the viable startups in its portfolio.

From 2015 to 2020, Aboa Advest invested in twelve startup companies.

2. MetaWeb Venture Capital

MetaWeb Venture Capital is a global crypto venture capital investment firm with a focus on NEAR Protocol. It invests and incubates projects across DeFi, NFT, the Metaverse, gaming, social, middleware, and infrastructure in the Blockchain.

Also providing technical, marketing, community, and partnership support for early-stage startups, it was founded in 2021 by Amos Zhang.

3. Larks Leaf Asset Management

Based in St Helier, Jersey, in the UK, Larks Leaf Asset Management is a firm focused on the management of digital and crypto-assets.

The firm is readying to launch two funds in 2022. The first fund, Systematic Strategies, will focus on market inefficiencies and non-directional investments in crypto assets. The second fund, Blockchain Opportunities — a venture capital fund — will focus on the use of blockchain and DLT technologies in financial services, the Metaverse and Commerce.

Larks Leaf Asset Management was founded in 2021 by Lewis Fellas, ShaRon Kedar and Tal Barnoach.

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