Metaverse Insider and Clara Partner on Interactive Metaverse Market Map

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Metaverse Insider and Clara Partner on Interactive Metaverse Market Map

Metaverse Insider, the leading provider of news and market intelligence, has partnered with Clara, a data visualization start-up which helps users understand data, to create an interactive market map of the metaverse industry.


  • Metaverse Insider partners with Clara to launch a free interactive market map.
  • The data is classified into sectors that comprise the metaverse industry.
  • The Metaverse Insider team will continue to improve upon this data and make changes as this industry evolves and there are new entrants into the market.

The Metaverse is a complex, fast-evolving industry which involves many different fields. Metaverse Insider has extensively researched companies making an impact in this growing industry. This work includes highlighting companies impacting this industry, interviewing some of the brightest minds, and analyzing data affecting investors and developers shaping this space.

In May, Metaverse Insider published a detailed analysis of the Metaverse Market Map. This analytical article includes an infographic which gives an overview of how we classified hundreds of companies involved in this space into sectors engaged in the Metaverse. This process involved months studying the emerging Metaverse Market and analyzing which sectors influence this industry.

We have segmented the market into the following sectors. These sectors (or classifications) cover a broad range of companies. As readers explore our market map, they’ll notice this data has been further segmented into even narrower categories.

Blockchain: shared ledger that facilitates the process of recording transactions and tracking assets in a business network.

Marketplace: enables the exchange of digital assets.

Network and Cloud Computing: enables delivery of different services in the Metaverse.

Hardware: tools, machinery, and other durable equipment that helps users access the Metaverse Ecosystem.

Discovery: includes services that expose the users to the Metaverse Ecosystem, which compromises avatars, user interface, and virtual worlds.

Mixed Reality: includes applications or use cases of the Metaverse, including fitness, gaming, social networking, and virtual workspaces.

Other: a list of companies/sectors that support the Metaverse but may not be directly involved in the space.


The infographic, published along with our market map article, broadly explains the companies and sectors involved in this space. However, with the response we received from our readers, it was clear that there was a need for a more detailed, interactive map.

metaverse market map
Market Map of the Metaverse

Metaverse Insider firmly believes in the importance of holistically understanding markets, and data is core to this philosophy. Its parent company, The Quantum Insider, is the leading quantum computing data provider. Metaverse Insider aims to bring the best analytical coverage to the Metaverse industry, including the most detailed and accurate data. The team will therefore continue to build upon its data and interactive tools to ensure its intelligence platform is the leading provider of data in the Metaverse Industry.

Click here to view our Interactive Metaverse Market Map.

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About Clara

Clara is a visualization company which helps businesses understand their data. Clara visualizes any tabular data in a way that makes it more usable and understandable. The data allows users to comprehend disparate spreadsheets in an interactive visual format. Tools deployed by Clara are used for project management, visualizing transactions for AML, understanding companies’ networks and investors’ constellations, and interactive scatter plots.

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