5 Gaming/Entertainment Startups Owning The Metaverse: Part 12

Photo by Fábio Silva on Unsplash

5 Gaming/Entertainment Startups Owning The Metaverse: Part 12

Today means part twelve on gaming and entertainment startups changing the shape and destiny of the Metaverse powered by the Metaverse Insider. Missed everything so far in the series? No problem — here is the link to the first part to get you started.

1. SimBlocks.io

SimBlocks.io focuses on leveraging commercial gaming technology to simulate and visualize a digital twin of the real world. It specializes in supporting standards for synthetic terrain databases, 3D models and communication interoperability in real-time 3D engines such as Unity and Unreal.

Based in Orlando, Florida, SimBlocks.io was founded in 2016 by Jordan Dauble.

2. Dream Reality Interactive

Dream Reality Interactive (DRi) is an award-winning, London-based indie development studio specializing in interactive experiences founded in 2016. With a team comprised of some of the gaming industry’s finest immersive technology experts, DRi’s founder and CEO, Dr. Dave Ranyard, is a 25-year gaming and VR veteran, and former head of Sony PlayStation Europe’s flagship London Studio.

DRi is focused on designing and building cutting-edge Web3 experiences, leveraging its strong heritage in Virtual Reality, Motion Controls, and Artificial Intelligence and is developing engaging interactive experiences in Web3 and NFT-enabled worlds within the Metaverse.

DRi’s previous projects include Bitmoji avatar Karaoke game, SingHeads, launched in partnership with Snap Inc, Arca’s Path, a VR puzzle platform game, Hold The World, a D&AD award-winning immersive experience in association with Sir David Attenborough, and Orbu, a beautiful Japanese garden-themed AR game for iOS.

3. Deadfellaz

Deadfellaz is an NFT collection of 10,000 unique zombies minted on the Ethereum blockchain that was launched in August 2021. The first collection sold out within 20 minutes of launch and traded for over $ 9 million AUD within its first month.

Deadfellaz is an evolving Metaverse brand that will span multiple industries including apparel, music, media and gaming. Its focus is the evolution of gamification, IP and NFT technology within the Metaverse and beyond.

4. PathDAO

PathDAO is a community-first, decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that powers the growing blockchain gaming and metaverse.

Its vision for PathDAO is to leverage the onboarding and conversion of the masses of Web2 users into the Web3 space using blockchain gaming as a gateway. Tapping into the massive whitespace of Web2 gamers and the rapidly-growing gaming industry — especially in our home market of Southeast Asia — PathDAO foresees a wealth of opportunities to create innovative value adds for both gamers and players in the blockchain space alike. Capitalizing on these opportunities will be critical to fulfilling our treasury value growth mandate.

5. LootMogul

LootMogul is a multiverse blockchain gaming platform/startups for sports influencers and fans to engage. Sports influencers from NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, ICC, Olympics, etc. lead the fan engagement model in its Metaverse through gaming, NFTs and crypto tokenomics.

Based in Santa Monica, California, LootMogul was founded in 2019 by Raj Rajkotia.

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