3 Venture Capital/Angel Investors Pumping Money Into The Metaverse: Part 10

metaverse venture capital
metaverse venture capital

3 Venture Capital/Angel Investors Pumping Money Into The Metaverse: Part 10

We come to the end of the road for this series Venture Capital/Angel Investors Pumping Money Into The Metaverse powered by the Metaverse Insider. But, in case this is your first time on our site, here is the link to the first part of the series to get you started.

1. MetaX Ventures

MetaX Ventures is an early-stage venture capital fund investing in Metaverse companies backed by top-tier global LP, made up of a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and investors supporting revolutionary companies.

Investing globally in Seed, Series A and B rounds, MetaX Ventures is led by Executive Director Caitlin Lin Cai.

2. WiSE

WiSE is a growth-stage venture capital fund dedicated to investment in the Metaverse. WiSE defines the Metaverse as the place where human beings inhabit computer-generated 3D online environments integrated and augmented seamlessly and persistently into the real world, and in real-time, and has identified the Metaverse as an area of huge value, where multi-national corporates are building their own inter-connecting eco-systems, based around the future of entertainment and social interaction.

Founded in 2021 by two senior executives from the creative industries and venture capital funding — Andy Wood and Patrick Bradley — WiSE is based in London and also partners with corporates to give them access to these market-changing companies.

3. Insiders Ventures

Based in Batumi, Georgia, Insiders Ventures is a venture capital fund that specializes in investing in promising crypto startups. Andrew Golovnyov and Joseph Cash founded Insiders Ventures in 2021, with the mission of backing the most promising blockchain projects. Insiders Ventures focuses on investing in early-stage decentralized financing, NFT Gaming, Metaverse, and Web3 startups.

It also invests in ambitious blockchain startups which bring innovations and great solutions to enhance the foundation of the decentralized web. The fund is an early investor in blockchain projects and cryptocurrency exchanges including Solana, Terra, Fantom, Harmony, Kadena, NEO, Qtum, Binance, and Huobi.

Insiders Ventures portfolio of companies includes Metawear, Happy Land and Metagamz to name a few.

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